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Closing out 2010 in style, bringing in 2011 as an emotional mess. Whoop whoop!

What a weekend! I had been hoping to get to Chicago for New Year's, but it was unclear I'd have anyone to stay with or even go out with until the late afternoon New Year's eve. I was unsuccessful in locating a friend to crash with, after asking a dozen people almost, so it was looking like I wouldn't do much. DSC_1621.JPG DSC_1669.JPG

My box of $250 in gold dollars arrived!

Many of my friends are aware I'm slightly odd... obviously. For quite some time, I've liked $2 bills, but only within the past year or two did I realize I could withdraw tons of them from the bank. I'm also a big Where's George? fan, so a couple of times now I've withdrawn a hundred or more $2 bills and entered them all into Where's George for tracking. DSC_1617.JPG ... Anyway, while Googling, I of course got sidetracked trying to find how much the sheets of uncut bills cost, and I ran across the United States Mint's Circulating $1 Coin Direct Ship Program, where one can order boxes of $250 in gold dollar coins, pay with a credit card, and the government pays the shipping. DSC_1611.JPG

Christmas came, and went

Yeah, I guess that wasn't a creative title. And I have to admit, I'm writing this Jan. 6. I finally got all the photos and videos online. Anyway, all my siblings except for my older brother Bob gathered at my dad's house Christmas eve, as we've done the past few years. My mom came as well. We ate celebratory foods (no shrimp this year) and did the presents thing. Below are the photos and below those, videos. DSC_1449b.jpg

What a precious Sunday



Well, as I was writing, before I restarted my computer and neglected to save, this has been a pretty good weekend. And I mean weekend to include the end of the "work week" as well. Where to begin...

Helen Thomas offers insights at Monona Terrace

I had the pleasure of attending the Madison Civics Club luncheon Saturday to see the influential White House press correspondent Helen Thomas speak. Members of The Badger Herald and The Daily Cardinal were invited, and we got to meet Ms. Thomas at a small reception before the luncheon began. She took some questions there, and then gave a speech and took more questions after lunch.


Milwaukee fireworks with friends and family

I love going to Milwaukee every July 3 for the Independence Day display, and this year I brought a few friends. Typically I just go with my mom and family, but I got the best of both worlds today. Eric and Ryan had been planning to come with me, and I somewhat randomly asked Steven if he'd like to come, too, and he said "Sure." Yay!


Mazo Beach was amazing

I'm completely sunburned from "tit to tail," and my thighs hurt a lot, but I am so happy. Thursday, Steven, a newer friend, asked if I'd be interested in going to Mazomanie, Wis., about a half hour outside Madison. There on the Wisconsin River is Mazo Beach, Wisconsin's only public nude beach. I think I had heard of it, but I had no idea it was so close, and the thought of going intrigued me, so I agreed. It was a fabulous experience.


One last time… in May

Just photos on this one... DSC_0055.JPG

Dan’s birthday and then Club 5, but I forgot my battery


Club OUT, Night 1


Club again


End of my third year at the Herald

I had a ton of homework to do, so I didn't take many photos or stay late for champagne night or the end of semester party. But here's what I have.

Cinco de mayo at Club Cinco

DSC_0051.JPG P1040234.JPG

A weekend in Chicago and a family gathering


Club 5 on the 28th day of the fourth month


Herald vs. Cardinal softball and first Saturday at Club 5

DSC_0013.JPG P1040184.JPG

Another day, another night


Club time with Cody and Alina…

DSC_0015 (2).JPG

My first all nighter in the library and food


I bought a bright red 1MX shirt from Express, and it went on sale shortly thereafter

So I guess these photos mark the first time going to the club with Cody, a new friend with whom I've been spending too much time recently. P1040091.JPG
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