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Closing out 2010 in style, bringing in 2011 as an emotional mess. Whoop whoop!

What a weekend! I had been hoping to get to Chicago for New Year's, but it was unclear I'd have anyone to stay with or even go out with until the late afternoon New Year's eve. I was unsuccessful in locating a friend to crash with, after asking a dozen people almost, so it was looking like I wouldn't do much. DSC_1621.JPG DSC_1669.JPG

Anthony’s passion and Matt’s first club experience


Several things about the next photo: The man with the hand on Ryan's rear is quite a bit older than Ryan, not that that's wrong or anything... just interesting, I guess. But the shirtless guy, Septimiu (Septi) Teodorescu, might be one to look out for. He's known to punch guys in the face based on hearsay (known as in I know this from personal experience; I was his victim).

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