I just thought this was worth saving… a bunch of comments on my last Facebook/Twitter status:

Charlie Gorichanaz: Just saw Twilight. I really identified with that character… But I suppose many people do. Time for a makeover?

Benjamin G: Maggie made me watch that the day it came out on dvd.

Sky B: Are you being sarcastic or honest? If you’re honest, I think I need to incinerate something.

Sam H: I’d really hate to guess which character and why lol

Charlie Gorichanaz: Soy un vampiro, Sam.

Sam H: twilight is really just an unattractive woman’s wet dream, for whom some miraculous circumstance would need to exist for someone to find her physically irresistible, which she knows is one of the shortest and liveliest routes to having a relationship and not being alone. do not be this lady’s vapid, self-consumed wet dream, charlie.

Charlie Gorichanaz: I tend to fall into films/books where the supernatural powers aren’t totally beyond the realm of possibility, but just a little bit. In this case, other than perhaps the mind reading and if the physical strength were toned down a bit, nothing was completely infeasible… or at least my mind made it so. And then there’s the whole I identify with people who are different (probably through growing up and even now believing that to be true of me for one reason or another…) thing, which adds to my liking for the movie. I liked the atmosphere and the ideas of the characters. I’m not claiming the author is brilliant, nor am I saying anything about the acting. So, is that so wrong?

Sam H: I do think some people have the same natural inclination as yourself, which is very likely why these kind of things gain so much popularity, and legitimately so. When you said, “at least my mind made it so,” i couldn’t help but think that’s a perfectly fine argument for these things. I’ll give you that.

Sky B: Sam… <3

Well, I was recently reading why such things are so popular. It’s because they’re the archetype of what everybody already knows and likes. Everybody feels the same sense of alienation no matter how privileged their life is. So take that feeling and twist it just enough so it’s not plagiarism, and voila, you have a best seller. I tend to stay away from those lists and find things that are less acclaimed… Those are usually the best things to read, and the least appreciated.

So, yeah. I agree with “my mind made it so”, but don’t fool yourself into thinking this is anything special.

Charlie Gorichanaz: Sky, you did catch that I didn’t read the book and wasn’t praising anything about it, right? Your comment almost sounds like you’re saying I have unsophisticated tastes in literature or something… which may well be true, seeing as I only read nonfiction… but not based on the evidence above.

Sky B: No, i did catch that you watched the movie. I combine the book/movie into one thing. It’s still completely based on the literature completely, dialogue and all. Just because it’s now in picture format, doesn’t change what it is at it’s core.

Charlie Gorichanaz: …but I also said I wasn’t praising anything about the movie other than the atmosphere and the ideas of the characters, which I never claimed were original… Vampires… duh. I liked the rendition. And that’s not a bad thing. Just because an idea isn’t totally original or expertly written doesn’t make it a moral offense to like.

Sky B: I think there’s an issue in liking an imitation more than an original somewhere embedded in my morality code, but I don’t really know how to articulate why. Haha

Charlie Gorichanaz: Who said I like it more than the original? And who knows what the “original” vampire story is? The basic idea is the same regardless of who told it, so I don’t think you can say that at all. I like the idea of a subset of beings with slightly ‘supernatural’ abilities. And I liked this rendition. I didn’t say I disliked any other rendition. Why can you not just say, “OK, I like vampires too.” or “I understand.” or something?!

Sky B: Because conversation isn’t fun when people agree on everything all the time, and ideas aren’t challenged. :)

Charlie Gorichanaz: That’s fine if you don’t extrapolate more from my statement than its contents.

Sky B: Alrighty then.

Charlie Gorichanaz: :-)