Just a chat with a friend who is embarking on a career in a multi-level marketing scheme… good luck to him:
Charlie: madison
Charlie: u should move here
ZeRo53x: umm
ZeRo53x: i moved to florida
ZeRo53x: like 2 months ago
Charlie: u did?
Charlie: for school or whole family?
ZeRo53x: just me
ZeRo53x: for a kick ass job
Charlie: doing what
Charlie: paying what
ZeRo53x: marketing and sales management, 98k
Charlie: nice
ZeRo53x: www.marketingsystemsinc.com
Charlie: have u seen cash yet?
ZeRo53x: yea’
ZeRo53x: ive been down here 2 months
Charlie: my internet barely works here, im stealing distant wireless
ZeRo53x: ooo
ZeRo53x: my wireless access point is like 3 ft away
Charlie: so whats ur address?
ZeRo53x: 2641 bermuda lake dr. apt 201A
ZeRo53x: brandon fl 33510
Charlie: it’s not computing
ZeRo53x: where are u looking?
Charlie: MS Streets & Trips
ZeRo53x: http://www.mapquest.com/maps/map.adp?searchtype=address&country=US&addtohistory=&searchtab=home&formtype=address&popflag=0&latitude=&longitude=&name=&phone=&level=&cat=&address=2641+bermuda+lake+dr.&city=brandon&state=fl&zipcode=33510
Charlie: how silly is that
ZeRo53x: idk
Charlie: new road?
ZeRo53x: microsoft doesn’t acknowledge my presence
ZeRo53x: yea the apt’s are brand new
ZeRo53x: less than 2 years
Charlie: generally MS S&T is far superior to mapquest
Charlie: this is a strange exception
ZeRo53x: i’m sure
Charlie: interesting
ZeRo53x: im hiring
Charlie: k
ZeRo53x: if u wanna live with me
Charlie: i just moved to madison
Charlie: what type of job are u hiring for
ZeRo53x: my position
ZeRo53x: im promoting myself out
Charlie: what do u do
Charlie: where does the money come from
Charlie: i cant load that site right now
ZeRo53x: well
Charlie: and i dont like multi-level marketing
ZeRo53x: what do you mean?
Charlie: i take it that is what u do?
Charlie: what do u do
Charlie: where does the money come from
Charlie: i got the site to load, it’s not what i expected, but it’s still quite vague=
ZeRo53x: well im in a management training program, you start by selling products of fortune 500 companies (verizon phios, quill, bellsouth, intuit…etc.) and are paid 100% commission of anything you sell (usually business to business cold calling, door to door, its not as bad as it sounds.) i made around 1400/wk. You only do that for about a month, then you become a leader and you train new hires to do the first part which is selling and team building, this took me about a week and some days and i made 1500 that week
Charlie: so yeah, ur typing a book i guess
Charlie: sounds quite odd
ZeRo53x: after that level you become an assistant manager, you learn all the finances and crap of the office. this is what im doing now. im making a base of 300/day, 10% of the office income, and 45% commission on what i sell if i decide to go into the field
ZeRo53x: im making about 4500/week right now
Charlie: so making a $1000 contribution to the charlie’s college fund wouldn’t be a problem for you?
ZeRo53x: and then by halloween i should be a manager, which i open up my own office and use my own campaign, im going to be doing verizon phios, and making about 500k to start
Charlie: i hope this works for you
ZeRo53x: the money comes from the fortune 500 company and the campaign broker/licensor, which is Cydcor
ZeRo53x: my boss is making about 4.8 million a year and he started 18 months ago
ZeRo53x: only about 4% make it through the actul program
ZeRo53x: so its obviously not for everyone and it sure as hell hasnt been easy
Charlie: good luck
ZeRo53x: you’ve never even met me
ZeRo53x: otherwise id love to contribute
Charlie: im finding some interesting stuff on google, lol
Charlie: i g2g2bed though
ZeRo53x: aw
ZeRo53x: what are you looking for on google?
Charlie: cydcor is not a good name -
Charlie: i hope you find what you’re looking for
ZeRo53x: ?
Charlie: and please report back to me in a few months
Charlie: i’d be interested to see what happens
Charlie: just one of many
Charlie: im sure u’ve done ur research and whatnot
Charlie: but from experience, mlm things never go well
ZeRo53x: ill let u kno
Charlie: but good luck
Charlie: just a hint – if ur actually making cold hard cash right now, put more than half of it away and do NOT put it back into the business
Charlie: it can be very easy to get caught up and make a stupid investment…
Charlie: alright
Charlie: gnight
ZeRo53x: goodnite
ZeRo53x: thanks
ZeRo53x: :-P
Charlie: lol
Charlie: ciao
ZeRo53x: later
Charlie: one more thing
ZeRo53x: yea?
Charlie: i dont have ur last name
Charlie: in my phone
ZeRo53x: how am i in ur phone?
Charlie: arent u?
Charlie: 3116
Charlie: ?
ZeRo53x: yea
Charlie: k
Charlie: ur in my phone
Charlie: u must’ve given me ur #
Charlie: but whats ur last name?
ZeRo53x: well what’s yours?
ZeRo53x: Bjorklund
Charlie: really?
Charlie: Gorichanaz, xxx.xxx.xxxx
ZeRo53x: sweet last name
Charlie: urs is
Charlie: lol
Charlie: how is it pronounced?
ZeRo53x: Be-ork-lund
Charlie: never would’ve guessed
Charlie: mine’s weird, simple, but not how it looks
Charlie: gore-SHAN-iss
ZeRo53x: yea i figured
Charlie: shan sounds like swan
Charlie: the same a
Charlie: most people say gore-ich-an-azz
Charlie: eh
Charlie: alright
Charlie: night
ZeRo53x: haha
ZeRo53x: goodnite
ZeRo53x: ill keep you posted
Charlie: k thx
ZeRo53x: lol
Charlie: its ok
ZeRo53x: you’re too much like everyone else
Charlie: no, i’m not
Charlie: i never thought i’d go to college till a year ago, lol
ZeRo53x: i’m going to go to college and be rich in 45 years
Charlie: i’m just keeping my options open while i figure out what i;m doing
Charlie: i hope you are, and i think i will be too
Charlie: in fact, i’m working on a website that will revolutionize….something (secret), but i’m not depending on it
ZeRo53x: Well you should join me, because I’m inevitably going to reopen Magnum within the next month
Charlie: i got enough scholarships and grants to live for free and attend madison for free for four years
Charlie: i’m not going to waste that
ZeRo53x: I never said leave
ZeRo53x: now
Charlie: because even though something else might be more lucrative, nothing’s more proven
ZeRo53x: So how are you?
ZeRo53x: For the record, I’m going to college haha
ZeRo53x: I’m taking night classes at USF till i go over to berkeley
Charlie: did u take the act?
ZeRo53x: i got a 34
Charlie: really?
ZeRo53x: yea
ZeRo53x: i’m smart
ZeRo53x: don’t worry
Charlie: alright
Charlie: i obviously didnt try very hard on the test ;-)
ZeRo53x: i bombed the math part
ZeRo53x: and thats it
Charlie: i bombed the reading part = i got through 1/3 of it
Charlie: oops
ZeRo53x: haha
ZeRo53x: i sill got a composite score of like 97%
ZeRo53x: on the math
Charlie: i got 35′s on math and science
ZeRo53x: really
ZeRo53x: did u take the sat?
Charlie: no
ZeRo53x: ohhh
Charlie: i wanted to
Charlie: but didnt
ZeRo53x: that thing was a bitch
ZeRo53x: i got something like a 2050
Charlie: i dont know anything about sat scores
ZeRo53x: and a 650? on the math
ZeRo53x: 3 sections, writing, math, critical reading
ZeRo53x: max score in each section is 800 points
ZeRo53x: total of 2400 for a perfect score
Charlie: i can do math ;-)
ZeRo53x: im good at algebra and stats
ZeRo53x: so what else is new?
Charlie: eh not much
Charlie: ive got a ton of papers to sort through
ZeRo53x: for what?
Charlie: just my stuff
Charlie: all my crap is all over
Charlie: since i just moved a week ago
ZeRo53x: ohhhh
Charlie: school stuff, business stuff, personal stuff, everything,
Charlie: lol
ZeRo53x: i never got to see you’re back room
Charlie: aw, its gone now..
Charlie: now u can see my apartment
ZeRo53x: I’d have to fly to wisconsin for that though
ZeRo53x: are you alone?
Charlie: yeah
Charlie: are u in madisoN?
ZeRo53x: no
Charlie: why’d you wanna know if i was alone?
ZeRo53x: just wondering haha
Charlie: ic
Charlie: hehe
ZeRo53x: shhh…
ZeRo53x: whuts up
Charlie: just woke up
Charlie: wanted to take a 20 min nap, 3 hours ago
ZeRo53x: haha
ZeRo53x: good work
ZeRo53x: alright well
ZeRo53x: i talked to me boss
ZeRo53x: and some other people and i already knew just about everything they told me
ZeRo53x: you only get out what you put into it
ZeRo53x: and the name on the rip off report is fake (well at least the real "flying maxwell" didn’t write it)
ZeRo53x: im making 1200-1600 a week
ZeRo53x: and some people are only making 200-300
ZeRo53x: i have 5 people underneath me as trainees
ZeRo53x: some people have none
ZeRo53x: in order to become a manager you don’t even need to be good at sales, just good at hiring people
ZeRo53x: sys’s financial records are an open book
ZeRo53x: (thats my boss)
ZeRo53x: we all get bonuses for successful trips (hotels, food, and gas are paid for by the office)
ZeRo53x: people who don’t work and have crappy days don’t get reimbursed for gas or food and whatnot, its an incentive
ZeRo53x: so anyways
ZeRo53x: why didn’t you invite me to your nap?
Charlie: anyways is not a word
Charlie: anyway
ZeRo53x: Sorry
ZeRo53x: This is Florida
ZeRo53x: :-P
ZeRo53x: ya’ll don’t reckon yous ain’t got none water fountains do yas?
Charlie: just be aware that the more you have invested into something and the more that you want it to work, the more blinded you can be to what’s actually going on
ZeRo53x: im getting paid
Charlie: i’m not saying something bad is happening now
ZeRo53x: im getting bonuses
Charlie: just be careful!
ZeRo53x: and i have 20k in the bank
ZeRo53x: im looking to get out asap anyways
ZeRo53x: cuz me and a friend of mine are restarting my business down here
ZeRo53x: lol
Charlie: just be careful!
Charlie: the easier something is, the more careful you must be -
Charlie: else everyone’d be doin’ it
Charlie: simple logic
ZeRo53x: What’s the worst that could happen?
ZeRo53x: and no, everyone can’t do it
Charlie: you could lose everything thinking you’re going to double it, etc.
ZeRo53x: I interview people all the time who tell me it’s not for them no matter how much you pay them
ZeRo53x: I don’t put a dime into this business by the way
Charlie: i don’t know the details of your business – i am just saying i’ve almost never heard of such things working for people in the long run
ZeRo53x: just some time and effort
ZeRo53x: we work for reputable companies, verizon, quill, bellsouth, intuit
ZeRo53x: etc.
ZeRo53x: Everyone of our 200 clients is in the Fortune 500
Charlie: hey, it might be a goldmine – i don’t know – i understand that you’re confident in it, so that’s fine
Charlie: i’ll never be sold on such career opportunities, but that’s just me
Charlie: just be careful!
ZeRo53x: Sometimes you just have to go into the door that 98% of people won’t go through
Charlie: let’s hope this was the right door
ZeRo53x: And remember… Where I work has no correlation to Cydcor, DSmax, or any other office
ZeRo53x: it’s an independent ICL
ZeRo53x: my boss is 100% owner
ZeRo53x: Cydcor is just the licensor and the campaign broker
ZeRo53x: So whatever goes on in Dallas, San Fransisco, Miami, Delafield, Milwaukee, Washington DC etc. has nothing to do with us
Charlie: ok
ZeRo53x: You know who does all the hiring for best buy?
ZeRo53x: Cydcor
ZeRo53x: well…. ICL’s
ZeRo53x: Sorry, ill stop preaching
Charlie: and cydcor looks a lot like cydoor, the infamous spyware company
Charlie: that can’t be good -
Charlie: lol
Charlie: it’s ok
ZeRo53x: That’s random….
Charlie: you moved to fricken florida, i hope it works for you
ZeRo53x: And if not i have several fallbacks, I would be a Project manager for Alienware in Miami, rebuild my computer empire down here, or get another kitchen manager job
Charlie: alright, well keep you’re options open ;-)
Charlie: heh
ZeRo53x: I like you’re zero confidence in my 1600 a week
ZeRo53x: how much do you make again?
Charlie: i’m unemployed
Charlie: i live off government grants and attend college
ZeRo53x: thats ok, i didn’t mean to make that sound like i was rubbing it in…