I am feeling rather strange right now. Today was an average day for the most part. I got called to the associate principal’s office seven minutes before the end of the school day. I thought I was in trouble because that’s why people are usually called down there. Mr. Cappoferri just wanted to ask me about the other day when Bill C got off the bus. Now that I think about that, I didn’t write about it did I? Well, it was Thursday last week. Bill got on the bus after school as usual. Then Mr. Cappoferri came on the bus and called Bill outside. They talked for a bit, and Bill was obviously not enjoying it–I thought he was going to cry. Then he was told to sit in the front seat until he got off. A few minutes after the bus left, he got up and sat in the middle next to me around where he usually sits. He flipped off the bus driver, and she told him to get back up there. After a bit of arguing between the two, and after the bus was pulled over to the side of the road, Bill got up and walked to the back of the bus. He then opened the back exit and got off the bus, walking past the doors, around the front, and across the street. Then the bus left.So anyway that is what I was asked about today. When I got home today, I read two chapters in my Driver’s Ed book and did the homework along with it. We left early to go to Driver’s Ed because I had to run in to Wal-Mart to pick up a prescription for my little sister who got pink eye. It turned out that I got to Driver’s Ed a few minutes late. When I got my homework out, I did a chapter that we didn’t need to do, and didn’t do a chapter that we were supposed to do. That’s just my luck.
After class, mom and Ricky drove to the fitness center so I could sit in the car while they worked out. I started to read the next chapter in my Driver’s Ed book, but somehow fell asleep. Then when I got home again I ate some spaghetti and went in my room where I am now. I need to start thinking about doing other homework–it’s 10:02 PM already!
I started out by saying I felt strange. After all that, I didn’t quite get to what I started with yet. I feel a bit outside of myself–like sort of more relaxed and rested-feeling, and warm. I don’t know how to explain it–it’s as if I could be content by just sitting here staring into space I guess. Okay well I’m going to get working on homework. See ya later.