I’m so mad I didn’t write in this all week! I’ll just summarize the week to save time: Last Saturday morning’s sweater sale was crazy. I got to the store at quarter to nine, and there were already a whole bunch of people waiting to get in. I opened the doors and went in–and was followed by a bunch of ladies who didn’t want to wait for me to turn the lights on. Customers kept pouring in the store, but nobody really checked out until 9:15. By that time the store was packed on the side with the sweaters, and there were wandering husbands on the other side, waiting for their wives. It was pretty funny.
Eryn Kaap (Eryn Ostgaard) told me that when she arrived at five minutes to nine, the parking lot was so full that she had to park in the lot all the way on the end of the other side of the strip mall. Man, there were a lot of people!
When the ladies started to check out, it was a stampede–everybody was buying sweaters–not many people had less that 8! We could barely handle the crowd. Soon we ran out of large bags, so the people had to take the sweaters out by the hangars. Around 10:15, the first 500 sweaters had sold out, and the sales pretty much stopped. People started to complain- One lady came up to the counter and said that there was a man standing in the back but he wasn’t bringing them any more sweaters. She was referring to Jose, and there weren’t any sweaters at the store to be brought out, so I just said OK. Then I was informed that ladies were standing IN the back room. I had to go see, so I went, and sure enough, there were ladies standing IN the back room, and they would not move. They wanted to be the first to get at the sweaters when they came in through the back. Well, since the back is private and they were not told to be there, the sweaters were brought in through the front door, annoying the ladies in the back. It was 10:30 or so when the second batch of sweaters arrived. They were gone in an hour. It was nuts.
Monday I was hoping to get my homework done, but I put everything off and got nothing done.
Tuesday and Wednesday were the WKCE tests, and they were so simple I’d be surprised if I got more than ten wrong on the whole test.
The rest of the week went so quickly–and yesterday I bowled horribly–so that’s about it. Today was very tiring and I have work to do. Bye bye!