Sorry I didn’t write lately–it’s just been so busy–as usual. I haven’t watched TV in a long time. Oh well. I should be doing homework right now but I wanted to get an entry in before I put this off for too long. It’s not going well with Ryan. He slit his wrist three times two nights ago. Not deeply or anything, and I don’t know what his intentions were. I hope he doesn’t have suicidal thoughts. That would make me feel sad for him, and responsible too.
My latest endeavor is working on Ben R. Hes in my Basic Speech and my Drafting, but I see him at lunch and around a lot. In Drafting, hes come over by me many times and my elbow has touched his crotch–I’m sure he noticed and he didn’t care. He’s been nice to me lately too. We’ll see–time shall tell. Speaking of time, its running out. I have to go.