I was doing alright today, but now I am really sad. I had CCD tonight, so I was online right when I got home and then for a few hours. Ryan was not on at all, and now that I’m back from CCD, he hasn’t been on the whole time. I just called him with my cell phone, and luckily he answered. I asked him if he was online at all and he said no. His brother apparently is playing Diablo on the computer. I then asked if he would be online this evening yet, and he says, “Maybe.” I said, “You don’t really want to talk to me any more, or what?” He just said “Meh.” I said “What, too good for guys now?” He just laughed a bit. I told him that this was the last day in a long time that I didn’t have to work, and he didn’t even seem to care. He just said “I’m going to go now.” Without waiting for a bye, he hung up the phone. I’m pretty sad now, because it seems as though he wants to be straight and he doesn’t want to do anything with me. We’ll see tomorrow morning if he is in the library. I am really going to try to suck his cock this time.