Today I did my speech! I did pretty well too, so I’m glad that it’s over. However, I did not turn in my story for science that I was supposed to do, and now I automatically loose 25 percent. Furthermore, I left the rubric and instructions at school today, so I don’t even think I’ll get it done tonight. I have to finish my software apps project tonight too. That’s why I am rushing here.
My plans for doing something with Ryan in the morning once again fell through. I did not find Ryan this morning until it was almost time for class to start. Oh well. I just finished talking to him before I started this entry, and I think we might actually meet in the bathroom tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it! Tonight, I told Ryan about my past with James B, and he seemed pretty interested. I hope Ryan doesn’t decide he wants to live with a girl and do nothing with guys ever. He is very unsure of himself, and I can tell that he truly wants to be straight. I hope he doesn’t choose to live that path. I know that is jealous of me and self-centered, but I think he is perfect and he would enjoy being who he is.
Here is a link to the script I had with him today: (it’s not the entire script, just the end chat)
Tonight was almost my first scout meeting that I played a major roll in leading, as the new Senior Patrol Leader. It went well, and was fun too! I’ll talk more about that later. Good night for now.