Today was a very unhappy day. I learned of much homework that I should have done but didn’t, and I still have to do my speech. I am very behind in many things. I saw Ryan’s cock today, but virtually. He scanned himself when he had a boner. It was so adorable that he did that, and I thoroughly enjoyed the picture. Tomorrow I am going to give him a bunch of incense, a burner, some lighters, and a prism-like glass sphere thing that I got from the store.
I feel so attracted to Ryan that I am going to go nuts. I’m jealous of the girl that he likes, but I’m also glad he is interested in me. I am a bit more comfortable with who I am than he is, but neither of us is denying that neither of us is straight.
I am spending a lot of time thinking about the future – fantasizing really, about living with Ryan and what life would be like. I really hope that it comes true some day.