I am about to start writing a five page speech that I should have started a week ago. However, in a last attempt to stall, I am going to write an entry in this journal.

Today was pretty boring, but fun too. I woke up and went to the store to work on the Unique party supplies wall. I have a ton of work left to do, but it’s getting there. When I came home, I just did stuff in my room and around the house until it got late. I made a shirt today that says “Pay The Artists/Not The Record Companies.” The RIAA sues users of P2P file sharing programs, stating that we are stealing music and the artists are not getting compensated. Whether or not it is stealing is an entirely separate matter. However, if we stop downloading music and we buy CD’s from stores, the artists still are not being fairly compensated. The only people losing out when I download a song instead of buying it is the record label. The artists lose out no matter what.