Charlie wants to directly connect.
Charlie cancels request; no connection was made.
Charlie: connect to me
Charlie: please
Charlie: u there or did my comp freeze?
bloodiblackheart signed off at 11:16:44 PM.
bloodiblackheart signed on at 11:24:22 PM.
Charlie wants to directly connect.
Charlie cancels request; no connection was made.
Charlie: connect to me
Charlie: it wont let me connect to you
Charlie: lol
bloodiblackheart wants to directly connect.
bloodiblackheart is now directly connected.
Charlie: thats david j
Charlie: recognize him?
bloodiblackheart: yeah
bloodiblackheart: i thik
bloodiblackheart: think*
Charlie: yeah well dont tell anyone…but he’s the one i always picture as a perfect person to be with
Charlie: he’s pretty bright
Charlie: and good looking might i say?
bloodiblackheart: lol yes
bloodiblackheart: ^thats kim
bloodiblackheart: perdy
Charlie: huh
Charlie: wow she seems like she’d be ur sister!
bloodiblackheart: < you know this guy?
bloodiblackheart: lol y u say that
Charlie: does he go to hartford?
Charlie: he kindof seems familiar…
Charlie: but i dont know him
bloodiblackheart: yes
Charlie: let me guess…hes bi?
bloodiblackheart: yup
Charlie: is he out
Charlie: to everyone
Charlie: or what
bloodiblackheart: no, pretty much just me
bloodiblackheart: hes always asking me if he knows any guys that want a blow job lol
Charlie: hey whats his screen name
Charlie: lol
bloodiblackheart: lol are you serious?
Charlie: i wanna talk to him
Charlie: one question
Charlie: why did u call that pic of him “yum”
bloodiblackheart: hes my ex lol
Charlie: and why is “kim”‘s pic called “melissa”?
Charlie: oh really
Charlie: he’s got AIM right?
bloodiblackheart: cuz thats the name i called her
when i didnt know her name
Charlie: lol
Charlie: ok
bloodiblackheart: and i kinda kept it on there
bloodiblackheart: yeah
bloodiblackheart: but hes not online
Charlie: is he on a lot?
Charlie: tell me everyone you know about him
bloodiblackheart: kind of
Charlie: and whats his screen name
bloodiblackheart: hey he is online
bloodiblackheart: you wouldnt be able to get a ride out there 2nite woudl you? lol
Charlie: type something!
Charlie: ok
Charlie: lol….
Charlie: where
Charlie: hartford?
bloodiblackheart: hartford, across the street from the hs
Charlie: nope…i dont get rides there at all….other than the bus
Charlie: lol
bloodiblackheart: okay
Charlie: so tell me bout him
Charlie: hes gonna be a junior?
bloodiblackheart: yeah
Charlie: is he smart stupid nice mean athletic computery what
bloodiblackheart: he can be really mean to people he doesnt like…
Charlie: but he probably doesnt hate me..yet..
Charlie: so
bloodiblackheart: if you seem preppy or ur a jock he right away doesnt like em
Charlie: lol
Charlie: ok define preppy
Charlie: no one really in my class has the same definition
Charlie: lol
Charlie: thats just what everyone calls someone they dont like lol
Charlie: its dumb
bloodiblackheart: preppy-goody goody, too smart, always happy, talks alot
bloodiblackheart: ect
Charlie: lol
bloodiblackheart: and of course the clothing
Charlie: am i too smart
bloodiblackheart: i dont think so
Charlie: lol
bloodiblackheart: i gtg
Charlie: WAIT
Charlie: screen name please
Charlie: please
Charlie: please
Charlie: please
Charlie: please
Charlie: please
Charlie: any more pics of him
Charlie: Ohhhhh HIM!
Charlie: lol
bloodiblackheart: lol yeah
Charlie: thats more familiar looking
Charlie: lol
bloodiblackheart: yup
Charlie: brad?
bloodiblackheart: yeah
Charlie: screen name
Charlie: are you talking to him about me
Charlie: ?
bloodiblackheart: no
bloodiblackheart: brb
Charlie: k…
Charlie: typing anything soon?
bloodiblackheart: TheForgotten1One
bloodiblackheart: oops sorry
bloodiblackheart: forgot to hit enter
bloodiblackheart: lol
Charlie: whats his last name
bloodiblackheart: i dont know how to spell it
Charlie: ok
bloodiblackheart: urcke
bloodiblackheart: or something
bloodiblackheart: lol
Charlie: can i like say hi or what
bloodiblackheart: yea
bloodiblackheart: if you want
Charlie: lol does he want me to?
bloodiblackheart: he said he doent care
Charlie: does he know i know he’s /…u know gay or bi or whaever
bloodiblackheart: bi
bloodiblackheart: i have to go tho
Charlie: ok…..
Charlie: see ya