Charlie: hey there
Squarehead88: hye
Squarehead88: hey
Charlie: 7?:
Squarehead88: shut up
Charlie: im serious…is it true?
Squarehead88: why do u wanna know
Charlie: cuz i love you jesse…..NOT….cuz if it’s true i’m jealous
Charlie: lol
Squarehead88: oh
Squarehead88: maybe
Charlie: ?
Squarehead88: how many peeps did u send ur email to
Charlie: everyeone except kelly, joey, john, you, martin
Squarehead88: jeez
Charlie: so is it true?
Charlie: i wont tell i swear…just wonderin
Charlie: i promise
Squarehead88: send me the email
Charlie: first anser
Charlie: answer
Squarehead88: yea ok!!!!!
Charlie: what?
Charlie: yea what?
Squarehead88: yes
Charlie: you have a 7 inch dick?
Squarehead88: if u really wanna know yes i do
Charlie: that’s pretty darn big
Charlie: for a 13 year old
Charlie: u done growin?!?!?!
Charlie: lol
Charlie: hello?
Squarehead88: hi
Squarehead88: can u send me the email
Charlie: how often do you jack off?
Charlie: do you really think that makes you bigger?
Squarehead88: no charlie
Squarehead88: now send me the damn emial
Charlie: address?
Charlie: jeez dont get all moody on me now
Squarehead88: u know my email
Charlie: can i email you there from now on?
Charlie: and will you actually reply or send messages?
Squarehead88: maybe
Squarehead88: just send
Charlie: sending in a few secs
Squarehead88: ok
Charlie: something is wrong…it’s taking forever
Charlie: hold on
Charlie: ok
Charlie: sent
Squarehead88: ok
Charlie: warning you…it’s 40 pages
Charlie: so i dont think anyone is gonna read the whole thing
Charlie: brb later dude
Squarehead88: ok
Charlie: sorry about the email, but its funny
Squarehead88: no itsnot
Charlie: not to you
Charlie: bye
Squarehead88: bey
Charlie: hey there i’m back
Charlie: mom was yapping
Squarehead88: ok
Squarehead88: okk
Charlie: are you serious?
Charlie: 7 inches?
Charlie: not 2, but 7?
Squarehead88: yea ok
Charlie: that funny
Charlie: but your so lucky!
Charlie: i can’t “give myself a small blowjob:
Charlie: lol
Charlie: do you jack off?
Charlie: (hope ur parents arent in the room)
Squarehead88: brb
Squarehead88: bac
Squarehead88: u know most of the sick stuff my cuzin wrote
Charlie: yeah…
Squarehead88: i told him to get off the comp but he woruldnt
Squarehead88: damn bastard
Charlie: wait what
Squarehead88: now look at all the trouble hes gotten me into
Charlie: now this is a classic…i;m saving this one too….there’s no denying it
Charlie: so stop making excuses
Charlie: i’m no idiot either
Squarehead88: savin which one
Charlie: this chat
Squarehead88: oh
Charlie: so i can show how you tried to cover up…failed though
Squarehead88: lol
Charlie: is there really anything that bad in there?
Squarehead88: well now everyone thinks im really sick
Charlie: the people are just gonna get a good laugh…i dont think they will blackmail you for years to come or anything
Squarehead88: and a lier
Charlie: jesse, everyone is really sick….you just got screwed unfortunately
Squarehead88: well emmy already told me i was sck
Charlie: and ur only a liar cuz you, well, r
Squarehead88: so did amy
Charlie: right/
Charlie: lol
Charlie: it will pass jesse
Charlie: consider it payment cuz i got up today and started singing cumbaya and you didnt
Squarehead88: no one else did
Charlie: so
Charlie: you still let me donw
Charlie: i was counting on you chris o and matt to help me lead
Charlie: but you screwed me
Squarehead88: sorry
Charlie: so i dont feel a bit of compassion or sympathy for u when i send out those emails
Squarehead88: ne wayz chalrie i g2g eat dinner
Charlie: you know,
Charlie: if you did what i did
Charlie: i would have started singing too
Charlie: you know it
Charlie: i guess i just cant trust you people
Squarehead88: we g2g
Charlie: bye