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BlondeHChc: hi there!
Squarehead88: hey
Squarehead88: whos this
BlondeHChc: who are yuo
Squarehead88: jesse
Squarehead88: whos this
BlondeHChc: r u cute
BlondeHChc: this is diana
Squarehead88: u gotta pic
BlondeHChc: do you?
Squarehead88: asl
BlondeHChc: i’ll send mine if you send one
BlondeHChc: 16/f/ca
Squarehead88: i gotta cam
Squarehead88: imean mic
BlondeHChc: no
BlondeHChc: you mean a microphone?
BlondeHChc: or is that some word i dont know
Squarehead88: yea a mic
Squarehead88: rophone
BlondeHChc: oh
BlondeHChc: sorry
Squarehead88: send me ur pic
BlondeHChc: send urs firts
Squarehead88: i dont have one
Squarehead88: only a mic
BlondeHChc: get one
BlondeHChc: scan it
Squarehead88: dont gotta scanner
BlondeHChc: ohh
BlondeHChc: well r u cute?Squarehead88: can i see ur pic pleez
Squarehead88: oh i am very cute
Squarehead88: can u send ur pic
BlondeHChc: what color hair?
Squarehead88: ur pic first
BlondeHChc: i have to wait
BlondeHChc: for my brother to scan it
BlondeHChc: he’ll be home soon
Squarehead88: what do u look like
BlondeHChc: i have to get my brother
BlondeHChc: i’ll be back
Squarehead88: just type it
Squarehead88: diana??
Squarehead88: BlondeHChc: im a hottie
Squarehead88: lol
BlondeHChc: how’d u do that
Squarehead88: what
BlondeHChc: make me say that
Squarehead88: easy
BlondeHChc: r u a computer person or something
Squarehead88: no
BlondeHChc: i thought you a were a cute guy
Squarehead88: i am cute
Squarehead88: but i also have brains
BlondeHChc: brb agian
Squarehead88: could u decribe how u look
Squarehead88: do u hava cam
BlondeHChc: back
BlondeHChc: no
BlondeHChc: i’m gonna send a pic
Squarehead88: now
BlondeHChc: i’m on the left
Squarehead88: ok
BlondeHChc: blonde hair
Squarehead88 wants to directly connect.
Squarehead88 is now directly connected.
Squarehead88: send
BlondeHChc: (sent pic)
Squarehead88: nice ass
BlondeHChc: thx
BlondeHChc: do you have a nice ass?
Squarehead88: got ne pics of ur face’
BlondeHChc: no
BlondeHChc: my brother left again
BlondeHChc: and i dunno how to work that thing
Squarehead88: can u scan one
BlondeHChc: well describe yourself
BlondeHChc: everything about nyou
Squarehead88: u got ne nudes of urself
BlondeHChc: just that one fore now
Squarehead88: ok
Squarehead88: babe i g2g
BlondeHChc: oh common
Squarehead88: ill be on later
BlondeHChc: please stay
Squarehead88: ur on my buddy list
Squarehead88: luv ya
BlondeHChc: or i wont talk to you again
Squarehead88: bye
Squarehead88: i have to’
BlondeHChc: i’m blocking you
BlondeHChc: if you leave
BlondeHChc: your proabably ugly anyway
Squarehead88: i gotta go to my aunts wedding
BlondeHChc: yeah right
BlondeHChc: that’s what everyone says
Squarehead88: ill be back later
Squarehead88: i dont lie
BlondeHChc: you better get a pic of yo
Squarehead88: i will
Squarehead88: luv u
BlondeHChc: by tonight
BlondeHChc: ?
Squarehead88: i luv u
BlondeHChc: by tongiht?
Squarehead88: ill try
BlondeHChc: if you dont have a partially nude pic by tongiht, i wont talk to you
Squarehead88: luv ya babe
Squarehead88: bye
BlondeHChc: wait
BlondeHChc: just describe you a little bit so i can think about you all day
BlondeHChc: like do you have a sixpack and do you shave
Squarehead88 direct connection is closed.
Squarehead88: hey hottie
BlondeHChc: hey
BlondeHChc: u got me a pic right?
Squarehead88: got that pic of ur face yet
BlondeHChc: no…brother at a “sleep over”
Squarehead88: damn
BlondeHChc: probably sucking some cock
Squarehead88: ugggh
BlondeHChc: ?
Squarehead88: sick
BlondeHChc: sick? i wanna feel your cock
Squarehead88: i want u too
BlondeHChc: and fondle ur balls
Squarehead88: u ever seen one
BlondeHChc: yeah
BlondeHChc: my brothers
Squarehead88: nasty
BlondeHChc: he’s 21
BlondeHChc: he has a big one
Squarehead88: did he fuck u
BlondeHChc: no
Squarehead88: did u give him a bj
BlondeHChc: i asked to see it
Squarehead88: why
BlondeHChc: almost
BlondeHChc: just cuz
Squarehead88: almost??
BlondeHChc: i might have, but i just felt it
BlondeHChc: but i wanna do that to you!
Squarehead88: go ahead
BlondeHChc: how big is it?
Squarehead88: how big was his
BlondeHChc: 6 inches
Squarehead88: thats it!!!!!!!!!!!
BlondeHChc: so i know
BlondeHChc: what? how big is urs?
Squarehead88: holy shit
Squarehead88: mine was 7 at age 13
BlondeHChc: how old r u now?
Squarehead88: 16
Squarehead88: u
BlondeHChc: ur not 16
BlondeHChc: ur just saying that cuz i am
BlondeHChc: right?
BlondeHChc: tell me the truth
Squarehead88: no
Squarehead88: what u think im 13
BlondeHChc: well u said it
BlondeHChc: i dont mind
BlondeHChc: i like younger guys
Squarehead88: 13
BlondeHChc: k
BlondeHChc: and how big is it really? measure it now
BlondeHChc: 13 years olds dont have 7 inch dics
Squarehead88: ok hold on
Squarehead88: k hold on
Squarehead88: yea 7
BlondeHChc: no way
Squarehead88: way
BlondeHChc: ur a liar
Squarehead88: no i am serious
BlondeHChc: well send me a pic
Squarehead88: if i had a cam id send u a pic
BlondeHChc: do you have any pics of you? i told you i wouldnt talk unless you sent one
Squarehead88 wants to directly connect.
Squarehead88 is now directly connected.
BlondeHChc: well…..
Squarehead88: it wont copy
BlondeHChc: then send with file transfer
BlondeHChc: under PEOPLE
Squarehead88: it wont download
BlondeHChc: go to file transfer
BlondeHChc: what color is ur hair
Squarehead88: brown
BlondeHChc: do you spike it?
BlondeHChc: is it long?
BlondeHChc: hello?
Squarehead88: no not ong
Squarehead88: long
BlondeHChc: ok
BlondeHChc: how tall r u/
BlondeHChc: i’m 5’7″
Squarehead88: 5’5
BlondeHChc: shortie
Squarehead88: im 5’5
Squarehead88: short guy with a big prick
BlondeHChc: r u bi?
Squarehead88: hell no
BlondeHChc: bi’s are cool
BlondeHChc: ……
Squarehead88: r u bi
BlondeHChc: what would you say if i said i was?
Squarehead88: sweet
BlondeHChc: i like girls too sortof
BlondeHChc: where do you think the idea for that pic came from
BlondeHChc: do you like guys?
BlondeHChc: guys are hot
Squarehead88: i dont like guys
BlondeHChc: ohh
Squarehead88: do u hava pic of u with another girl
BlondeHChc: that was my only one
BlondeHChc: i want a pic of you
Squarehead88: what if u scan it
BlondeHChc: just email the pic to me
Squarehead88: what is it
BlondeHChc: i dont rememebr
BlondeHChc: lol
BlondeHChc: brb
Squarehead88: ok
Squarehead88: u bac
BlondeHChc: this was ovious
BlondeHChc: lol
BlondeHChc: BlondeHChc[at]yahoo[dot]com
Squarehead88: im on my cuzins comp with my pic
Squarehead88: ok
BlondeHChc: k
Squarehead88: so this isnt my email
BlondeHChc: k
BlondeHChc: u emailing it?
Squarehead88: yea
Squarehead88: u got mail
BlondeHChc: SENT?
BlondeHChc: ooops
Squarehead88: yea
BlondeHChc: i think you sent the wrong pic?
BlondeHChc: he has black hair
BlondeHChc: ur dumb, jesse
BlondeHChc: ur from section says Jesse Gamache
BlondeHChc: and the email is a forward from AthleticGirl2000[at]aol[dot]com
BlondeHChc: u dont have your pic, do you?
Squarehead88: yea
BlondeHChc: ur a liar, right?
Squarehead88: she sent me a pic from when i was down in florida by them
BlondeHChc: sure
BlondeHChc: ur full of it
BlondeHChc: u dont have a 7 inch cock
BlondeHChc: tell me the truth, or i wont talk to you anymore
Squarehead88: yea i do dammit
Squarehead88: ok thats not me
BlondeHChc: i know
BlondeHChc: the hair is black
BlondeHChc: tell me, who is it
Squarehead88: but i do have a 7 incch cock
Squarehead88: my cuzins b/f
BlondeHChc: and why did she send it to youa/
BlondeHChc: u like guys, dont you?
Squarehead88: she wanted to know if i though he was hott like everyone else did
BlondeHChc: did you think he was hot?
Squarehead88: hes a good lookin kid
BlondeHChc: so u do like guys a little, right?
BlondeHChc: it’s ok
BlondeHChc: just tell the truth
Squarehead88: no i dont like guys a little
Squarehead88: im tellin the truth
BlondeHChc: common
Squarehead88: u wanted the truth so i gave it to u
BlondeHChc: dont lie
BlondeHChc: fine
BlondeHChc: describe yourself more then
BlondeHChc: i so wanna lick your abs
BlondeHChc: and suck on your balls
Squarehead88: i have brown har, blue eyes, very muscular and have a 7inch cock and my fav part of a woman is her pussy
BlondeHChc: k
BlondeHChc: i wish you would jack off in my mouth
BlondeHChc: mmmmmmm
BlondeHChc: have you ever tasted or ate your cum?
Squarehead88: no
Squarehead88: u ever tasted ur own juices
BlondeHChc: not really
BlondeHChc: i’ve tasted other guys’ cum
BlondeHChc: its kinda tasty
Squarehead88: u know im 13 rightt
BlondeHChc: yeah
BlondeHChc: why?
Squarehead88: wanna get it straight
BlondeHChc: dont you masterbait?
Squarehead88: all the time
Squarehead88: thats probably why im so big
BlondeHChc: no, jacking doesnt make you bigger
Squarehead88: it might
BlondeHChc: my dads a , well not a doctor, kindof like a nurse
BlondeHChc: but a guy
Squarehead88: i also do other things
BlondeHChc: he doesnt like to be called a nurse
BlondeHChc: like what
Squarehead88: like use my pillows as a pussy
BlondeHChc: heh
BlondeHChc: how many times do you jack off a day
Squarehead88: 2
Squarehead88: u
Squarehead88: masterbafe
BlondeHChc: lol
Squarehead88: maybe more
BlondeHChc: like once or so
Squarehead88: with dildoes
BlondeHChc: no
BlondeHChc: my finger
Squarehead88: u ever use a dildoe
BlondeHChc: how much stuff comes out when you jack off?
Squarehead88: u a virgin
BlondeHChc: no i havent
BlondeHChc: yeah
Squarehead88: me 2
Squarehead88: yay
BlondeHChc: lol
Squarehead88: i wanna fuc ur brains out
Squarehead88: cani
Squarehead88: can i
Squarehead88: would u let me
BlondeHChc: if you lived near me
BlondeHChc: where do you live by the way?
Squarehead88: wisconsin
Squarehead88: u
BlondeHChc: cali
BlondeHChc: what town?
Squarehead88: hubertus
Squarehead88: u
BlondeHChc: pomona
Squarehead88: u know where hubertus i
Squarehead88: is
BlondeHChc: nope
BlondeHChc: never heard of it
BlondeHChc: whats ur name again/
Squarehead88: jesse
BlondeHChc: last?
Squarehead88: urs
BlondeHChc: Diana
Squarehead88: last
BlondeHChc: u firsdt
Squarehead88: gamache
Squarehead88: u
BlondeHChc: can i trust u?
BlondeHChc: you’ve lied a lot already
Squarehead88: yea u can
Squarehead88: can i trust u
BlondeHChc: yeah
Squarehead88: ok
BlondeHChc: ok fine
Squarehead88: whats ur last name
BlondeHChc: diana ward
Squarehead88: ward
BlondeHChc: yeah
Squarehead88: do u have a cousin named chris
BlondeHChc: um, my brothers name is chris
BlondeHChc: why?
Squarehead88: ok i gotta kid in my class named Chris W
BlondeHChc: so what
BlondeHChc: theres like a million wards
Squarehead88: did ur bro let u give him a bj
BlondeHChc: he would have
BlondeHChc: if i relly wanted to
BlondeHChc: i told you
Squarehead88: why didnt u
BlondeHChc: seemed kinda weird
Squarehead88: howd it feel
BlondeHChc: would u suck ur brother’s cock? if he let you and didnt care?
BlondeHChc: seriously
Squarehead88: hell no
BlondeHChc: ok then
Squarehead88: i dont have a brother
BlondeHChc: if you did?
BlondeHChc: if he were a lot older, and didnt care if you did, would you?
BlondeHChc: hello?
Squarehead88: no
BlondeHChc: ok
BlondeHChc: do you shave yet?
Squarehead88: id suck my sis’s pussy
BlondeHChc: that?s gross do you shave your legs, belly, cock, or anything?
Squarehead88: no
BlondeHChc: do you have pit hair?
Squarehead88: some
BlondeHChc: color?
BlondeHChc: blackl or borwn?
Squarehead88: brown
BlondeHChc: cool
BlondeHChc: sounds sexy
BlondeHChc: do you work out?
Squarehead88: u shave
Squarehead88: yea
BlondeHChc: i’m a girl…….girls tend to shave everything…..
BlondeHChc: how much do you weigh?
BlondeHChc: hello?
Squarehead88: 140
Squarehead88: almost pure muscle
BlondeHChc: if ur 5’5 and muscluar you should be in the 150s or 60s
BlondeHChc: i pick up stuff from my dad…
BlondeHChc: so dont lie
BlondeHChc: you dont work out much do you?
Squarehead88: 3 times a week
BlondeHChc: for how long?
BlondeHChc: what do you do>
Squarehead88: 1
Squarehead88: hour
BlondeHChc: when r u gonna send me your picture?
Squarehead88: once i get one
BlondeHChc: when?
Squarehead88: no idea
BlondeHChc: u have a scanner right so scan it now
Squarehead88: do u have a picture of ur pussy u can send
BlondeHChc: not until you send me your picture
Squarehead88: i dont have a scanner i said
BlondeHChc: well too bad
Squarehead88: do u have a picture of ur pussy
BlondeHChc: it’s a two way street man
Squarehead88: i no
BlondeHChc: not until you send me ur pic
Squarehead88: do u have one?????????/
BlondeHChc: not telling till you get me urs
Squarehead88: ill try
Squarehead88: r u homeschooled
BlondeHChc: and make sure ur nude
BlondeHChc: no
Squarehead88: i gotta be nude
BlondeHChc: got to pomona high west
BlondeHChc: yeah you do
Squarehead88: well than i want a nude of u
BlondeHChc: u first…i sent the first pic, and if i didnt say hi to you, you weouldnt be talking to me
BlondeHChc: ok?
BlondeHChc: you have got to treat me likea girl
BlondeHChc: k?
Squarehead88: huh
BlondeHChc: girls should do everything
BlondeHChc: you have to do stuff too
BlondeHChc: like sedn the first nude pic
Squarehead88: ill brb
BlondeHChc: k
Auto response from Squarehead88: I’m sorry but I’m not avaiable at the moment. When you see this message, pleez leave ur name and message and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you and have a nice day.
BlondeHChc: u there>
Squarehead88: bca
Squarehead88: bac
Squarehead88: u ever give a blowjob before
BlondeHChc: oh ur back
BlondeHChc: yeah i did
Squarehead88: did he cum
BlondeHChc: u?
Squarehead88: no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BlondeHChc: guys dont usually cum when you suck their dicks
BlondeHChc: duh
Squarehead88: i do
BlondeHChc: they cum when the jack off
BlondeHChc: if i sucked ur dick, you would cum?
Squarehead88: yea i would
BlondeHChc: huh
Squarehead88: u ever eat urself out before
BlondeHChc: can you jack off now and then tell me how it tastes
BlondeHChc: please
Squarehead88: u ever eat urself out before
BlondeHChc: no i didnt
Squarehead88: um
BlondeHChc: can you jack off now and then tell me how it tastes
Squarehead88: ok
BlondeHChc: swallow it, tell me how it is
Squarehead88: sugary
BlondeHChc: i’ve tastes it before
BlondeHChc: not sugary
Squarehead88: mine is
Squarehead88: what did urs taste like
BlondeHChc: well the guy i tasted was like kindof lumpy egg white texture
BlondeHChc: with almost no taste
Squarehead88: u ever orgasmed before
BlondeHChc: um, yea…….
Squarehead88: what does it smell like
BlondeHChc: kindof like chlorine….sortof
BlondeHChc: right?
BlondeHChc: what about urs?
Squarehead88: what does ur pussy juice smell like
BlondeHChc: nothing
BlondeHChc: no smell
Squarehead88: me 2
BlondeHChc: how muhc cum comes out
Squarehead88: u ever tasted u own juices
BlondeHChc: how many teaspoons?
BlondeHChc: no i didnt you asked that alaready
Squarehead88: oh sorry
Squarehead88: um maybe 4
BlondeHChc: 4?
BlondeHChc: thats a lot
Squarehead88: maybe
Squarehead88: u would let a 13 yr old fuck u??
BlondeHChc: when was the last time you jacked?
BlondeHChc: yeah, with a condomn
Squarehead88: just now
Squarehead88: i dont have ne
Squarehead88: condoms
BlondeHChc: oh well
Squarehead88: do u
BlondeHChc: you can be a daddy then
BlondeHChc: no i dont
BlondeHChc: the guys usually have em
Squarehead88: i dont wanna be a daddy
BlondeHChc: oh well
BlondeHChc: r u rich or poor?
Squarehead88: middle
Squarehead88: u
BlondeHChc: my “household” is like 120K
BlondeHChc: i think
Squarehead88: wow
Squarehead88: why
BlondeHChc: dunno
BlondeHChc: u?
Squarehead88: why u wanna no if im rich or poor
BlondeHChc: because
Squarehead88: why
Squarehead88: if we had sex what would we do
BlondeHChc: does it matter?
BlondeHChc: ohh
BlondeHChc: i mean does it matter why i wanna know
Squarehead88: yea
BlondeHChc: well, you would wear a condomn
Squarehead88: of course
BlondeHChc: so there wouldnt be any kids
Squarehead88: ok go on
Squarehead88: what else
Squarehead88: hello
BlondeHChc: hey
BlondeHChc: what do you wanna know?
Squarehead88: what else would we do for sex
BlondeHChc: what do you mean?
Squarehead88: if we met
Squarehead88: and had sex
Squarehead88: what would we do
BlondeHChc: we’de have sex
BlondeHChc: you’d strip, and you’d strip me
BlondeHChc: then you would shove your cock in my mouth
Squarehead88: ok
BlondeHChc: i suck you
BlondeHChc: and you would suck my breats
BlondeHChc: breasts
BlondeHChc: then youd get on me
BlondeHChc: and shove yourr cock in my pussy
Squarehead88: u on bottom
BlondeHChc: yeah
Squarehead88: ok
Squarehead88: what else
BlondeHChc: so what does your cock look like?
Squarehead88: was ur brothers cock curved to one side
BlondeHChc: a little maybe, not really
BlondeHChc: it was very handsome
BlondeHChc: he has big hair balls
Squarehead88: mines curved slightly to the left
BlondeHChc: and his cock is so cute
BlondeHChc: i neeeeeeed a pic of you
Squarehead88: mines gotta big head and a thick osy
Squarehead88: body
BlondeHChc: are you circumsized?
Squarehead88: yes
BlondeHChc: good
Squarehead88: i can give myself a small blow job
BlondeHChc: so is there any other hot guys in your class?
BlondeHChc: have you ever cum in your mouth?
Squarehead88: one thinks he is but hes a dushbag
Squarehead88: no
BlondeHChc: oh
BlondeHChc: tell me about everyone in your class
Squarehead88: tell me about ur pussy
BlondeHChc: typical
BlondeHChc: no hair
BlondeHChc: kinda small, but tight
BlondeHChc: nutting else really to say
BlondeHChc: so tell about the other guys in your class
Squarehead88: i gotta question
BlondeHChc: yeah?
Squarehead88: if a gurl asked u to have sex would u
BlondeHChc: how would i have sex with a gurl?
BlondeHChc: it doesnt work
BlondeHChc: it’s like how would you have sex with a guy/
Squarehead88: up the butt
Squarehead88: u could eat each other out
BlondeHChc: well i wouldnt…unless we talked a long time
Squarehead88: then u would
BlondeHChc: ok
Squarehead88: ok
Squarehead88: u ever been fingered
BlondeHChc: no
BlondeHChc: u?
Squarehead88: how can i be fingered
BlondeHChc: someone can finger your cock
Squarehead88: how
BlondeHChc: feel it
Squarehead88: oh
Squarehead88: im 13 no
BlondeHChc: huh?
BlondeHChc: what does im 13 no mean
BlondeHChc: hello
Squarehead88: im 13 course i didnt get my cock touced
BlondeHChc: i no 6th graders in my neighborhood that feel and suck each other
BlondeHChc: so 13 is old enough to have been felt
Squarehead88: ok i have to go study for a math test
BlondeHChc: wait
BlondeHChc: tell me the screen names of others in your class
BlondeHChc: like the guys
BlondeHChc: or i WONT talk again
Squarehead88: i dontno
Squarehead88: ill ask tommorow
BlondeHChc: yeah u do
BlondeHChc: everyone knows their friends’ screen names
BlondeHChc: just send me ur buddy list
Squarehead88: tell u tommorow bye
BlondeHChc: and i’ll let you go
BlondeHChc: wait
BlondeHChc: right click on my name in your list and click send buddy listy
BlondeHChc: do it or you wont get my nude pic
BlondeHChc: hello?
BlondeHChc: ok
BlondeHChc: i am taking you off my list
Squarehead88 direct connection is closed.
BlondeHChc: and not talking to you again
Squarehead88: hey hottie
Squarehead88: is the man with the 7 incher
BlondeHChc: hi there! been a while
BlondeHChc: who warned you
Squarehead88: someone
BlondeHChc: who
BlondeHChc: whats the screen name
BlondeHChc: ?
BlondeHChc: brb
Squarehead88: k
Squarehead88: bac
BlondeHChc: bac
BlondeHChc: you had plenty of time…send me your picture
Squarehead88: nude right
BlondeHChc: yea
Squarehead88: ok lemme find it
BlondeHChc: and make sure it is YOU…not some gay pic someone sent you
Squarehead88: bac
BlondeHChc: u sending it?
BlondeHChc: hello?
Squarehead88 signed off at 8:24:32 PM.
BlondeHChc: hey what did you leave babe?
Squarehead88: why are u iming my cuzin
BlondeHChc: to see if you were telling me the truth
BlondeHChc: but she is lying to me so it didnt work
Squarehead88: about what
BlondeHChc: so whazup
BlondeHChc: where ur pic?
Squarehead88: what questions are u askin her
BlondeHChc: if you were sporty or work out
BlondeHChc: or if u were tall or sexy
BlondeHChc: why
Squarehead88: did u tell her everything we said
BlondeHChc: no!
BlondeHChc: why would i
Squarehead88: she said theses words AthleticGirl2000: cuz im looking for this one thing u said to her, that blow me out.
BlondeHChc: huh?
BlondeHChc: she made that up
BlondeHChc: or you did
Squarehead88: tell me dammit
BlondeHChc: do you want me to send you rhe whole transcript?
Squarehead88: yea
BlondeHChc: then we have to dirdect connect
BlondeHChc wants to directly connect.
BlondeHChc cancels request; no connection was made.
Squarehead88 wants to directly connect.
Squarehead88 is now directly connected.
BlondeHChc: BlondeHChc: who is this?
AthleticGirl2000: who’s this?
BlondeHChc: i asked 1st
AthleticGirl2000: well i don’t know
BlondeHChc: do you know jesse?
AthleticGirl2000: jesse who?
BlondeHChc: gamache
AthleticGirl2000: yea
BlondeHChc: who is he?
AthleticGirl2000: is this emily
BlondeHChc: why…
AthleticGirl2000: j/a
BlondeHChc: yeah
AthleticGirl2000: OoO ok
AthleticGirl2000: umm….what do u need?(not to be rude or ne thing)
BlondeHChc: do you know enything about jesse?
AthleticGirl2000: y
AthleticGirl2000: or is htis emmy
BlondeHChc: same thing
AthleticGirl2000: OoO i know u u like nathan don’t u
BlondeHChc: why? does jesse like me?
AthleticGirl2000: no
BlondeHChc: nathan?
AthleticGirl2000: yea
BlondeHChc: i dont know a nathan
AthleticGirl2000: his cousin
BlondeHChc: lol
BlondeHChc: he’s hot
AthleticGirl2000: hehe
BlondeHChc: i have no clue what the heck you are talking about!
BlondeHChc: i am not emmy or emily or nathan or whatveer
BlondeHChc: i was just playing along
AthleticGirl2000: then who is this?
BlondeHChc: diana
AthleticGirl2000: and that is….
BlondeHChc: a friend of jesse’s
BlondeHChc: do you have any pictures of him?
AthleticGirl2000: no y
BlondeHChc: he sent me one of your boyfriend and said it was him
AthleticGirl2000: really
BlondeHChc: yeah
BlondeHChc: a guy with black hair
AthleticGirl2000: what was the title called?
AthleticGirl2000: haha u got to be kidding me
BlondeHChc: i dunno…title of what
AthleticGirl2000: the pic
BlondeHChc: no why
BlondeHChc: who is that guy?
AthleticGirl2000: how did u meet him
AthleticGirl2000: my b/f
BlondeHChc: lol
AthleticGirl2000: not him
BlondeHChc: what
AthleticGirl2000: how did u meet jesse
BlondeHChc: i was chatting and someone imed me
BlondeHChc: they gave me his screen name
BlondeHChc: they wanted me to send back the scripts when I was done
BlondeHChc: so I agreed?the person is like his enemy or something
BlondeHChc: i though it was funny
BlondeHChc: so i talked
AthleticGirl2000: hehe don’t cuz then it’ll be confused lets mess wit him a little
BlondeHChc: and he said he would send me his pic
BlondeHChc: but he never did
BlondeHChc: like jpw?
BlondeHChc: how
AthleticGirl2000: no i don’t but how do u know im though from omline
BlondeHChc: what was that supposed to mean?
AthleticGirl2000: just don’t talk to him, cuz i was asked him who is was, and he didn’t no, so lets make him mad, and guess who u r
AthleticGirl2000: like how do u know jesse, from school, or what
BlondeHChc: wait hold on
AthleticGirl2000: k
BlondeHChc: everytrhing you type doesnt make sense
BlondeHChc: try spelling things right and using gramer
AthleticGirl2000: y do u want his picture, who did u guys start talking
BlondeHChc: i’m a girl
AthleticGirl2000: i know that
BlondeHChc: and we were talking…
BlondeHChc: i sent him my pic
BlondeHChc: he said i was hot
BlondeHChc: and we chatted
BlondeHChc: and he is “addicted” to me
AthleticGirl2000: OoO hehe
BlondeHChc: does he really have a 7″ cock? he likes to lie…..
AthleticGirl2000: hehe i don’t know
BlondeHChc: j/w
BlondeHChc: w/e
BlondeHChc: is he on now? he said he was looking for his pic
BlondeHChc: then he went offline
BlondeHChc: i think he blocked me or something
AthleticGirl2000: hehe
AthleticGirl2000: umm yea he’s still on
BlondeHChc: darnit
BlondeHChc: dont tell him i talked to yo
BlondeHChc: you
AthleticGirl2000: i won’t
AthleticGirl2000: so how old r u
BlondeHChc: the only way i found you is from his email to me
BlondeHChc: it was a forward of one you sent him
BlondeHChc: with the pic
BlondeHChc: i’m 16
BlondeHChc: cali
AthleticGirl2000: OoO ok
AthleticGirl2000: thats ur name cali
BlondeHChc: california
BlondeHChc: diana
AthleticGirl2000: OoO duh
BlondeHChc: yeah
BlondeHChc: what is his email?
AthleticGirl2000: ummm……i don’t know i only have his sn
BlondeHChc: you do know dont lie…i’m not that dumb
BlondeHChc: you sent the picture of your b/f to him
BlondeHChc: remember?
AthleticGirl2000: o yea h/o i think i deleted it
BlondeHChc: yeah right
BlondeHChc: you persons are so secretive
AthleticGirl2000: i ain’t a gamache
BlondeHChc: lol
AthleticGirl2000: really
BlondeHChc: just tell me his emaiul
BlondeHChc: email
BlondeHChc: tell me anything about him
BlondeHChc: i wanna know if he is a big fat liar or someone you can depend on
AthleticGirl2000: umm….like….and i’ll try to tell u
BlondeHChc: huh
BlondeHChc: ?
AthleticGirl2000: nevermind sorry
BlondeHChc: so what does he look like?
BlondeHChc: he says he is muscular and extremely cute
BlondeHChc: is he?
BlondeHChc: is he tall like he says?
AthleticGirl2000: umm….well the last time i saw him was last year, and from waht i heard from his cousin that jesse is tall, and skinny
BlondeHChc: do you know anyone’s screen name of anyone that has seen him recently
AthleticGirl2000: nope
AthleticGirl2000: cuz they dont have aol,
BlondeHChc: is he gay or straight or bi
AthleticGirl2000: straight
BlondeHChc: u sure?
AthleticGirl2000: positive
BlondeHChc: why does he send out pictures of your BOYFRIEND
AthleticGirl2000: ???? but that pic u sent him does it show ur face?
BlondeHChc: no
AthleticGirl2000: o ok
BlondeHChc: why/
AthleticGirl2000: j/a
BlondeHChc: do you know anything about him?
BlondeHChc: is he sporty?
BlondeHChc: geeky?
BlondeHChc: sexy?
BlondeHChc: romantic?
BlondeHChc: immature?
BlondeHChc: what
AthleticGirl2000: different wit differnt people
BlondeHChc: explain
BlondeHChc: be more datailed
BlondeHChc: detailed
AthleticGirl2000: y do u need to know though r u ever gonna see him or somethig
BlondeHChc: probab;y not
BlondeHChc: i just wanna know
AthleticGirl2000: o
BlondeHChc: is he sporty?
AthleticGirl2000: kinda
BlondeHChc: a jock./
BlondeHChc: ?
AthleticGirl2000: no
BlondeHChc: does he work out?
AthleticGirl2000: yea
BlondeHChc: like how? explain
AthleticGirl2000: he goes to a gym
BlondeHChc: he does??
BlondeHChc: often?
AthleticGirl2000: yea
BlondeHChc: tell me when ur done reading it
BlondeHChc: done?
BlondeHChc: i am dying to see you
Squarehead88: whyd u ask the cock question
BlondeHChc: were you lying?
Squarehead88: no
Squarehead88: shes my cuzin
BlondeHChc: i just wanted to know if it was true
BlondeHChc: i know
Squarehead88: dont IM her ne more
BlondeHChc: are you mad
BlondeHChc: fine
Squarehead88: ok
Squarehead88: do u have ne more pics
BlondeHChc: do you have any pics>
Squarehead88: i did
BlondeHChc: send em
BlondeHChc: pleeeeeeez
Squarehead88: why
BlondeHChc: i love you jesse
Squarehead88: bull
BlondeHChc: i want to love you
BlondeHChc: but you are acting so weird
Squarehead88: how can a 16 yr old love a 13 r old
BlondeHChc: and you wont send your pic
BlondeHChc: age doesnt matter
Squarehead88: yea it does
BlondeHChc: when your 80, i’ll be 83
BlondeHChc: big diff
Squarehead88: how u know wer gonna know each other that long
BlondeHChc: optimism jesse
BlondeHChc: why are you so pessimistic now
BlondeHChc: please send me ur pic
Squarehead88: cuz u IMed my cuzin
BlondeHChc: just accept that it is online flirting
BlondeHChc: i wont do it again
Squarehead88: first i want ur pic
BlondeHChc: the only reason i got ur cousins screen nmae is cuz you lied to me and said that pic was you
BlondeHChc: so it’s ur fault
BlondeHChc: and i sent a pic
BlondeHChc: you have to send a nude one now
Squarehead88: of ur face
BlondeHChc: you first
Squarehead88: i asked first
BlondeHChc: um, no
BlondeHChc: i did
BlondeHChc: and i’m the girl
BlondeHChc: so you should respect me
Squarehead88: i do
BlondeHChc: well send a pic
Squarehead88: i dont have a pic ok
BlondeHChc: oh common
Squarehead88: common what
BlondeHChc: bull
Squarehead88: i dont
Squarehead88: why do u think i sent the phony one
BlondeHChc: when can you get one
BlondeHChc: you did
BlondeHChc: you told me you were sending it, and i got it, so you sent it
BlondeHChc: duh
Squarehead88: ok
Squarehead88: but it wasnt me
BlondeHChc: it was
Squarehead88: i sent that one cuz i didnt have one
BlondeHChc: the cousin’s comp thing was an obvious lie
BlondeHChc: YOUR email is gamache557[at]execpc[dot]com, right
BlondeHChc: just tell me the truth
Squarehead88: did she tell u
BlondeHChc: i wont email you if you dont want me to
BlondeHChc: no, i figured it out when you said “it is my cousins comp so its not my email”
Squarehead88: oh
BlondeHChc: that was a dead giveaway
BlondeHChc: so who warned you
Squarehead88: we just send me a pic of ur face
BlondeHChc: i dont have one either
BlondeHChc: i will try to get one thoughj
BlondeHChc: you better get one to
Squarehead88: how
BlondeHChc: i’m not giving pics away for nothing
BlondeHChc: you need to give back
Squarehead88: i hava mic
BlondeHChc: i dont
Squarehead88: to bad
BlondeHChc: ?
Squarehead88: do u have ne pics
BlondeHChc: i told you
BlondeHChc: only one
Squarehead88: send
Squarehead88: send it
BlondeHChc: i sent it already
Squarehead88: do it agaib
Squarehead88: again
BlondeHChc: i cant
Squarehead88: why
BlondeHChc: i deleted it so my parents wouldn’t see it
Squarehead88: and why do u love me
BlondeHChc: cuz you described yourself and you sounded cute
BlondeHChc: but i want you to be honest
Squarehead88: im 13
BlondeHChc: we will proabaly never get together but it’s better than nothing
BlondeHChc: do you have armpit hair yet?
Squarehead88: why do u wanna virgin
Squarehead88: ya
BlondeHChc: i am a virgin
BlondeHChc: i dont wanna have sex yet
BlondeHChc: just anything but sex
Squarehead88: like
BlondeHChc: sucking dicks of hot guys
BlondeHChc: like you
BlondeHChc: would you want your dick sucked?
Squarehead88: how big was the biggest u sucked
BlondeHChc: why?
BlondeHChc: like 8 inches i think
Squarehead88: get cummed on
BlondeHChc: no
BlondeHChc: u
BlondeHChc: ?
Squarehead88: now this conversation is jut between us no one knows
BlondeHChc: yes
BlondeHChc: promise
Squarehead88: ok
Squarehead88: u ever been fingered
BlondeHChc: not by anyone else
BlondeHChc: u?
Squarehead88: fisted
BlondeHChc: no
BlondeHChc: u?
Squarehead88: no im a virgin all way round
BlondeHChc: ever sucked?gotten sucked
Squarehead88: nope
BlondeHChc: would you let someojne suck you
Squarehead88: a girl yea
BlondeHChc: why does it matter
BlondeHChc: it feels good im sure
Squarehead88: cuz im not gay
Squarehead88: or bi
BlondeHChc: sure
Squarehead88: im not
BlondeHChc: ok
Squarehead88: whyd u ask if my cuz ever saw my cock
BlondeHChc: ?
BlondeHChc: what
BlondeHChc: oh
BlondeHChc: i didnt
Squarehead88: u asked if i had a 7incher
BlondeHChc: can you suck your own cock?
BlondeHChc: yeah
BlondeHChc: maybe she would know
Squarehead88: how
Squarehead88: how would she know
BlondeHChc: maybe someone knows and cousins talk bout each other sometimes
BlondeHChc: i dunno
BlondeHChc: i just asked
BlondeHChc: do you have a 7 incher
Squarehead88: u think i showed her
BlondeHChc: no
Squarehead88: yea i do
BlondeHChc: did u
Squarehead88: no
BlondeHChc: good
Squarehead88: good what
BlondeHChc: good you didnt show her
Squarehead88: why
BlondeHChc: i dont know
BlondeHChc: did you show her?
BlondeHChc: seriously
BlondeHChc: i dont care
Squarehead88: no
BlondeHChc: ok
BlondeHChc: then forget it’
Squarehead88: ok
Squarehead88: i need a bj
BlondeHChc: so tell me about you
Squarehead88: like how
BlondeHChc: anything
Squarehead88: well i need a bj
BlondeHChc: i’d give you one
Squarehead88: how
BlondeHChc: if i were there
Squarehead88: when
BlondeHChc: anytime
Squarehead88: how
BlondeHChc: what do you mean?
Squarehead88: how would u
BlondeHChc: how would i what
Squarehead88: gimme a bj
BlondeHChc: i would put your cock in my mouth and suck
BlondeHChc: duh
BlondeHChc: not much to it
Squarehead88: u ever made a guy cum
BlondeHChc: guys dont usually cum by sucking
BlondeHChc: i told you that
Squarehead88: i would
BlondeHChc: can yuo suck yourself
Squarehead88: kinda
BlondeHChc: explain
BlondeHChc: explain
Squarehead88: can u eat urself
BlondeHChc: no
BlondeHChc: how can you suck yourself]
BlondeHChc: licking or sucking?
Squarehead88: i bend down
Squarehead88: both
BlondeHChc: tell me about it
BlondeHChc: please
Squarehead88: i bend down get it in my mouth and suck till my bac hurts
BlondeHChc: how much of it fits in your mouth
BlondeHChc: just the tip?
Squarehead88: head
Squarehead88: and maybe a little more
BlondeHChc: could you cum in youre mouth?
Squarehead88: now tell me how u finger urself
Squarehead88: no
BlondeHChc: i just feel my clitoris…
Squarehead88: that it
BlondeHChc: and rub it
BlondeHChc: yeh
Squarehead88: ok
Squarehead88: w/e i g2g
BlondeHChc: nooooo
BlondeHChc: stay
Squarehead88: ill talk to u tommorow
BlondeHChc: please
Squarehead88: ok babe
BlondeHChc: get a pic!!!!!!!!
BlondeHChc: TOMRORRW!!!
Squarehead88: ill try
BlondeHChc: WAIT
Squarehead88: byebye
BlondeHChc: do you have a nude pic of yourslef?
Squarehead88: no
BlondeHChc: one in a swim suit?
BlondeHChc: or undies
Squarehead88: no
Squarehead88: bye bye
BlondeHChc: you have no swim suit pics?
Squarehead88: no none sorry bye
BlondeHChc: get one
BlondeHChc: please
BlondeHChc: i want to suck ur cock so bad
BlondeHChc: love you honey
BlondeHChc: yo
Squarehead88: hi
BlondeHChc: did you get a pic?
BlondeHChc: cutie?
Squarehead88: no unfortuntatly not did u
BlondeHChc: no
BlondeHChc: so do you have a girlfriend?
Squarehead88: can u send me that one
Squarehead88: u did before
BlondeHChc: i told you i deleted it
Squarehead88: u got ne more
BlondeHChc: no
Squarehead88: dammit
BlondeHChc: so do you have a girlfriend
Squarehead88: kinda
BlondeHChc: what do you mean?
Squarehead88: but i dont know if she likes me
BlondeHChc: what is her name? is she in your class?
Squarehead88: shes in 7th grade
BlondeHChc: what grade r u in?
Squarehead88: 8th
BlondeHChc: whats her name
Squarehead88: aint tellin
BlondeHChc: fine
Squarehead88: u gotta bf
BlondeHChc: nope
BlondeHChc: ever kissed a girl?
Squarehead88: neva
Squarehead88: besides my mom no
BlondeHChc: you kiss your mom?
Squarehead88: not in the sexual way
BlondeHChc: how do you sexually kiss?
Squarehead88: ok fine yea i sometimes do kiss my mom
BlondeHChc: how often? on the lips?
Squarehead88: no cheek
Squarehead88: ok fine no ive neva kissed a girl before
BlondeHChc: do you ever get hard looking at someone
Squarehead88: like someone hot
BlondeHChc: anyone
Squarehead88: not just ne one
BlondeHChc: tell me about it
Squarehead88: what
BlondeHChc: tell me about when you get hard
BlondeHChc: who do you get hard around
Squarehead88: if its a hot girl with her tits partially exposed or poppin through her shirt ea
BlondeHChc: does it happen a lot
Squarehead88: yea
BlondeHChc: anyone in your school?
Squarehead88: yea
BlondeHChc: has anyone ever noticed?
BlondeHChc: like when you get hard standing in front of people
Squarehead88: no
BlondeHChc: are there any gay people in your school?
Squarehead88: no
Squarehead88: ne lezzies in urs
BlondeHChc: not that i know of
Squarehead88: why do u wanna know all this
BlondeHChc: just wondering….
BlondeHChc: do you hvae anything better to talk about
BlondeHChc: i dont have a mic
BlondeHChc: hello?
BlondeHChc: u there?
BlondeHChc: ur there
BlondeHChc: so talk to me
BlondeHChc: jesse
BlondeHChc: i wanna suck yuor cock
BlondeHChc: u there yet?
Squarehead88: o bac
Squarehead88: u wanna what?????
BlondeHChc: who is this
Squarehead88: me
BlondeHChc: i wannns suck you
Squarehead88: g2g ill brb
Squarehead88: ba
Squarehead88: bac
BlondeHChc: k
Squarehead88: u wanna what
BlondeHChc: i want to suck you
BlondeHChc: why do you keep asking that?
Squarehead88: i heard a guys voice on the other end
BlondeHChc: i heard a little bit of you
BlondeHChc: i dont have a mic
Squarehead88: u do hava mic
BlondeHChc: no…i dont
Squarehead88: yea u do
BlondeHChc: i swear i dont
BlondeHChc: why do you think i do
Squarehead88: ok
BlondeHChc: ?
BlondeHChc: describe how you would want me to suck you
BlondeHChc: talk to me
BlondeHChc: why connect if you dont talk
Squarehead88: i dont know
Squarehead88: parents in the other room
BlondeHChc: u dont know what
BlondeHChc: oh
Squarehead88: yea
BlondeHChc: just say hi or something
BlondeHChc: i wanna hear your voice
BlondeHChc: ok?
Squarehead88: yea ok
BlondeHChc: good now that i hear you
BlondeHChc: no i dont
Squarehead88: there
BlondeHChc: thanks
BlondeHChc: cute voice
Squarehead88: thanks
BlondeHChc: do you sahve?
BlondeHChc: shave?
Squarehead88: do u wanna have cyber sex with me or somethin
BlondeHChc: how do you do that?
BlondeHChc: do you shave??
Squarehead88: no
BlondeHChc: do you have any mustache hairs
Squarehead88: u
Squarehead88: yea
BlondeHChc: i shave everything…i’m a girl
BlondeHChc: well usually not shave
BlondeHChc: i use that gel stuff
Squarehead88: shave everything???
BlondeHChc: yeah….
BlondeHChc: would a hairy girl turn you on?
Squarehead88: no
BlondeHChc: wel there
Squarehead88: decribe what u shave
BlondeHChc: my legs, my vagina, my arms
BlondeHChc: underarms
Squarehead88: is it erotic when u shave ur vagina
BlondeHChc: not really
BlondeHChc: do you have a hairy dick>
Squarehead88: yea
BlondeHChc: describe it
Squarehead88: its hairy
BlondeHChc: does the hair go up to your belly button yet?
Squarehead88: no
BlondeHChc: do you have hairy armpits?
Squarehead88: semi
BlondeHChc: like how much and what color?
Squarehead88: brown and not alot
Squarehead88: some
BlondeHChc: does anyone in your class have more hair than you?
Squarehead88: i dont know
Squarehead88: maybe
BlondeHChc: what are their names?
Squarehead88: whos
BlondeHChc: the names of the people who have armpit hair
Squarehead88: i dont know i dont look
BlondeHChc: everyone looks
BlondeHChc: and you know it
Squarehead88: i dont
Squarehead88: i dont look at guys pits
BlondeHChc: well you can still tell
BlondeHChc: just by looking atr the guy
Squarehead88: ok maybe
Squarehead88: 2
BlondeHChc: who do you think has hair?
BlondeHChc: name them
Squarehead88: nmo
Squarehead88: no
BlondeHChc: why not?
Squarehead88: cu
Squarehead88: cuz
Squarehead88: none of ur buisness
BlondeHChc: i just wanted to know their names…
Squarehead88: no
BlondeHChc: are you so nice that you stand up for all of your classmates and protect them or something?
Squarehead88: no
Squarehead88: i too lazy to tell
BlondeHChc: is there anyone that you hate in your class?
Squarehead88: maybe
Squarehead88: what school u go to
BlondeHChc: why do you hate them?
BlondeHChc: pamona high school
Squarehead88: ne one u hate
BlondeHChc: i dont talk to anyone there
BlondeHChc: so no
BlondeHChc: what makes you hate them>/
BlondeHChc: are you the sexiest in your class?
BlondeHChc: are there any other cute guys?”
Squarehead88: probly not
Squarehead88: i dont know i dont consider guys cute
BlondeHChc: well you said you arent the sexiest
BlondeHChc: so someone must be more
BlondeHChc: who?
Squarehead88: no idea
Squarehead88: i g2g now
Squarehead88: bye
Squarehead88 signed off at 7:05:01 PM.
Charlie: hi there
Squarehead88: he
Charlie: he?
Charlie: are you gay or somthing?
Charlie: j/k
Charlie: no offffffense
Squarehead88: meant hey
Charlie: yeah i nkow
Charlie: so whatys ur email?
Squarehead88: how was amys part
Squarehead88: party
Charlie: why werent you there
Charlie: and how did you know about it
Squarehead88: didnt invite me
Squarehead88: and andy told me
Charlie: that scum
Charlie: just kidding
Charlie: no one was supposed to know
Charlie: the girls talked about your sexy cousin
Charlie: lol
Charlie: what is his screen name?
Squarehead88: whos
Charlie: your cousin
Charlie: the one at june fest
Squarehead88: i aint tellin j
Squarehead88: u
Charlie: well i’ll get it
Squarehead88: go ahead and try
Squarehead88: who u gonna ask
Charlie: i know it
Charlie: i just gotta find it
Charlie: all the girls in the class know
Squarehead88: how
Squarehead88: prob emmy right
Charlie: all
Charlie: do you still like emmy?
Squarehead88: no
Squarehead88: why
Charlie: just wondering
Squarehead88: andy said she told u things bout me
Charlie: lol
Charlie: yeah she said you had an 8 inch dick
Charlie: in your dreams
Charlie: sorry
Charlie: she didnt talk to me about you
Charlie: andy must be wrong
Charlie: k?
Squarehead88: thought so
Squarehead88: even if she did theyd probly be all bad stuff
Charlie: how is an 8 inch dick bad?
Charlie: oh i see
Charlie: nevermind
Squarehead88: charlie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Charlie: what could anyone possibly say that would be bad about you?
Charlie: what?
Charlie: WHAT??????
Squarehead88: ur sicko
Charlie: i am kiddin boy
Charlie: besides we’re both guys i think……
Charlie: i love the song Don’t Speak by No Doubt
Charlie: ever heard of it?
Squarehead88: nope
Squarehead88: do u know blondehchc
Charlie: who
Charlie: is that a screen name?
Squarehead88: yea
Charlie: not yet….
Charlie: i will as soon as they come one
Charlie: come on
Charlie: who is it?
Charlie: your cousin?
Squarehead88: no
Charlie: then who
Squarehead88: i dont know who it is
Charlie: why did u ask
Charlie: where did you get the name
Squarehead88: shit that was the wrong screenname
Charlie: huh
Squarehead88: i gave u the wrong sn
Squarehead88: add a 556 to that
Charlie: ok….
Charlie: oh
Charlie: i think you are lying
Squarehead88: huh
Charlie: i think the screen name is blondehchc
Charlie: and you screwed up
Charlie: you just realized
Charlie: “Shit!!!! If he finds out what i said to her, i am done for!!!”
Charlie: so i WILL find out
Charlie: i am not an idiot
Charlie: and you just leared a lesson
Charlie: be very careful jesse, cuz i will get you
Charlie: lol
Charlie: so who is it?
Charlie: and what did you say to him or her?
Charlie: jesse!!!!!!!!
Charlie: tell me
Charlie: i’m not stupid and i will find out
Squarehead88: ok
Charlie: ok what
Charlie: tell me who it is
Charlie: is it a girl?
Squarehead88: someone imed and started askin me questoins
Charlie: like what
Charlie: like what
Squarehead88: i dont remember
Squarehead88: i thought it was u
Charlie: you did?
Charlie: why?
Squarehead88: no idea
Charlie: do not lie jess
Squarehead88: i dont remember
Charlie: i can do things….remember that
Charlie: what did they ask you?
Charlie: what did they ask you?
Squarehead88: what things
Charlie: huh
Charlie: what did that person ask you?
Charlie: something you regret answering or what?
Charlie: otherwise why would you have mentioned it to me
Squarehead88: she wanted a pic
Squarehead88: of me
Charlie: lol
Charlie: that is customary for online chatting
Charlie: so what
Squarehead88: and i no u wanted one and stuff so i thought it was u
Charlie: I WANTED ONE?
Charlie: what is that supposed to mean?
Charlie: ohhhhhh
Charlie: i wanted to see your graduation pic cuz mine is terrible
Squarehead88: yea
Squarehead88: and u think im gay
Charlie: ??? um? whenever you talk to someone online, the first questions are “are you gay or straight” and”send a pic”
Charlie: you are gay though
Charlie: admit it
Charlie: or bi i should say
Squarehead88: im straight
Charlie: no one really cares
Charlie: no yuor not stop lying to yourself
Squarehead88: im straight dammit
Charlie: what else did you tell her
Squarehead88: thats it
Charlie: liar
Charlie: tell me jess
Charlie: i’ll find out
Squarehead88: so find out
Charlie: if you dont tell me, aand i find out, i am telling allison and the girls
Squarehead88: im tellin the truth
Charlie: so what did you tell her?
Squarehead88: that im straight
Charlie: what else
Charlie: did you talk about sexual things or just stuff
Squarehead88: stuff
Charlie: yeah rigfht
Charlie: let me guess
Squarehead88: huh
Charlie: you told her how big ur penis is…and you probably said you wanted a bj
Squarehead88: um like no
Charlie: i know u a little better
Charlie: than that
Squarehead88: im not that nasty to tell a stranger that
Charlie: let me say something
Charlie: you believed that it was online and private and no one would know, you it is natural to talk about stuff like that
Charlie: its obvious
Charlie: so dont say otherwise
Charlie: i dont really care
Charlie: i talk about that stuff online too someitmes
Charlie: just curious….how big did you say u were?
Squarehead88: charlie
Squarehead88: no
Charlie: wow you know my name
Squarehead88: i dont tell ne one that
Charlie: i feel so special
Charlie: i know you did
Squarehead88: how do u know if i did or not
Charlie: i just know you would
Charlie: so it’s no biggie
Charlie: and niether is your cock
Charlie: LOL
Squarehead88: haha
Charlie: i’m so funny
Charlie: so how come paul never talks to me
Charlie: does he talk to you
Squarehead88: sometimes
Squarehead88: why are interested in guys dicks
Charlie: who is?
Squarehead88: u
Charlie: i am?
Charlie: oh i didnt know that
Charlie: i’ll have to research the topic
Squarehead88: why do u wana know
Charlie: no…..i asked if you told the truth
Charlie: i asked what u said was ur size
Charlie: i wanted a good laugh because you proably told her you were 10 inches
Squarehead88: why u wanna know
Squarehead88: 10
Charlie: that it
Squarehead88: shit dude
Charlie: what?
Squarehead88: id have a frikin 3rd leg
Charlie: is that ten times your size?
Charlie: lol
Squarehead88: haha
Squarehead88: ur not that big either so dont laugh
Charlie: and how would you know?
Squarehead88: i dont wanna know
Squarehead88: why u wanna tell me
Charlie: i dont wanna tell you
Squarehead88: thats good
Charlie: u seem weird
Charlie: you are asking me a lot why i wanna tell you
Charlie: i think you wanna know
Squarehead88: no thanks
Squarehead88: ok bye
Charlie: are you gonna tell anyone i said anything
Squarehead88: huh
Squarehead88: no
Charlie: good
Charlie: but i will tell everyone whatever i find out you didnt tell me about what you said to that person
Charlie: ok?
Charlie: prostreet70
Charlie: right
Charlie: ?
Charlie: i’m right
Squarehead88: huh
Squarehead88: whos prostreet 70
Charlie: ur cousin
Squarehead88: no
Squarehead88: whered u get that form
Charlie: now stop acting like the idiot you aren’t
Squarehead88: howd u find it out
Charlie: i have resources
Charlie: im not dumb like you arent
Squarehead88: tell me
Squarehead88: haha
Charlie: the grils told me
Squarehead88: oh
Squarehead88: i dont want u t o
Charlie: huh?
Squarehead88 signed off at 9:24:02 PM.
Charlie: hey has prostreet70 been on?
Squarehead88: yea
Squarehead88: i got math questionss
Squarehead88: ok
Charlie: math questions? hold on 30 mins cuz im busy…maybe less
Squarehead88: ok
Squarehead88: u there
Auto response from Charlie: Hey there! Wasup?
Charlie: back
Squarehead88: ok
Squarehead88: i got science question
Charlie: shhot
Squarehead88: what is the cycle of solar activity
Charlie: 11 years
Charlie: is that due tomorrow?
Charlie: BlondeHChc: well r u cute?
Squarehead88: can i see ur pic pleez
Squarehead88: oh i am very cute
Charlie: cute jesse
Squarehead88: huh
Charlie: BlondeHChc: shortie
Squarehead88: im 5’5
Squarehead88: short guy with a big prick
Squarehead88: they give u 3 lines charlie
Charlie: BlondeHChc: dont you masterbait?
Squarehead88: all the time
Squarehead88: thats probably why im so big
Charlie: Squarehead88: i wanna fuc ur brains out
Squarehead88: cani
Squarehead88: can i
Squarehead88: would u let me
Squarehead88: what the hell u talkin about
Charlie: Squarehead88: id suck my sis’s pussy maybe
Charlie: Squarehead88: almost pure muscle
Charlie: lol
Charlie: BlondeHChc: you dont work out much do you?
Squarehead88: 3 times a week
Squarehead88: what??????????
Squarehead88: stop i have questions
Charlie: BlondeHChc: can you jack off now and then tell me how it tastes
Squarehead88: ok
BlondeHChc: swallow it, tell me how it is
Squarehead88: sugary
Charlie: BlondeHChc: i’ve tastes it before
BlondeHChc: not sugary
Squarehead88: mine is
Squarehead88: what did urs taste like
Charlie: Squarehead88: what does ur pussy juice smell like
Squarehead88: what the hell are u talkin about
Charlie: Squarehead88: i dont have ne
Squarehead88: condoms
BlondeHChc: oh well
Squarehead88: do u
BlondeHChc: you can be a daddy then
BlondeHChc: no i dont
BlondeHChc: the guys usually have em
Squarehead88: i dont wanna be a daddy
Squarehead88: hello???
Charlie: stop warning me
Squarehead88: i need help
Charlie: BlondeHChc: so what does your cock look like?
Squarehead88: was ur brothers cock curved to one side
BlondeHChc: a little maybe, not really
BlondeHChc: it was very handsome
BlondeHChc: he has big hair balls
Squarehead88: mines curved slightly to the left
Charlie: Squarehead88: i can give myself a small blow job
Squarehead88: i never said that!!!!!!!!!!!
Charlie: BlondeHChc: so is there any other hot guys in your class?
Squarehead88: one thinks he is but hes a dushbag
Charlie: BlondeHChc: i am dying to see you
Squarehead88: whyd u ask the cock question
Squarehead88: charlie
Charlie: BlondeHChc: were you lying?
Squarehead88: no
Squarehead88: shes my cuzin
BlondeHChc: i just wanted to know if it was true
BlondeHChc: i know
Squarehead88: dont IM her ne more
Squarehead88: hello???
Squarehead88: dipshit
Charlie: Squarehead88: i need a bj
BlondeHChc: so tell me about you
Squarehead88: like how
BlondeHChc: anything
Squarehead88: well i need a bj
BlondeHChc: i’d give you one
Squarehead88: how
BlondeHChc: if i were there
Squarehead88: when
BlondeHChc: anytime
Squarehead88: how
BlondeHChc: what do you mean?
Squarehead88: charlie
Charlie: Squarehead88: how would u
BlondeHChc: how would i what
Squarehead88: gimme a bj
BlondeHChc: i would put your cock in my mouth and suck
BlondeHChc: duh
Squarehead88: are u gonna help me
Charlie: ok im done jesse
Charlie: now you wanna know how i got all that?
Squarehead88: whyd u make up thats stuff
Charlie: shutup you ass
Charlie: a long time ago, you blocked me
Squarehead88: w/e
Charlie: so i went in a chat room
Charlie: found a girl that said she’d talk to you
Charlie: and she emailed me every word you two said
Charlie: and i told you if i found out on my own, i’d tell everyone everything
Charlie: so what do you say to that?
Squarehead88: um
Charlie: do you feel stupid?
Squarehead88: i need help on sciene
Charlie: oh goodie
Charlie: chris w is on
Charlie: he would get a kick out of this.l……
Squarehead88: huh
Charlie: dont act like a dippie!
Squarehead88: i need help in science charlie
Charlie: i read EVERY SINGLE THING you said to blondehchc
Charlie: and it was pretty funny
Squarehead88: ok
Squarehead88: hurry up i need help
Charlie: so how do you feel?
Charlie: dumb?
Squarehead88: tired
Squarehead88: g2g
Charlie: should i show allison
Charlie: ?
Squarehead88: g2g charlie see u tommorow
Charlie: yeah yeah
Charlie: dont you wwant help?
Squarehead88 signed off at 9:39:08 PM.
Charlie: hey dude
Squarehead88: wassup
Charlie: i’m compliling the chats between you and her into an email
Charlie: everyone is dying to read it
Squarehead88: why are u doin this
Charlie: hey jess, if you “know” its not true, then what do you have to worry about
Charlie: the truth is, you know its all true and you know you fucked up
Squarehead88: all of them will think its true and they wont believe a word i say
Charlie: jesse, i am not maipulating anything
Charlie: i am just pasting it
Charlie: i just wanna make sure it doesnt mention me first
Squarehead88: but why are u showin every one
Squarehead88: i didnt do ne thing tou
Squarehead88: chum
Charlie: jesse, i just wanna teach you a lesson, and prove ur not better than me and i wanna make you scared of me
Charlie: hehehe
Squarehead88: i am no better than u
Charlie: just be smart, and when chatting like that, use a fake screen name that nobody you know knows
Charlie: it wont happen again then
Squarehead88: common
Squarehead88: i have learned my lesson
Charlie: well everyone is gonna kill me if i dont
Charlie: it’ll pass jesse
Charlie: and you dont have a 7″ dick right?
Squarehead88: what reason have u to do this
Charlie: cuz you are mean sometimes
Charlie: hehe
Squarehead88: to u
Squarehead88: well sure we all are
Squarehead88: we are all mean at one point or another
Squarehead88: common on charlie im beggin uhere
Charlie: well this is my time to be mean
Charlie: cuz i never am mean
Charlie: ok?
Charlie: are you gonna tell your parents?
Charlie: lol
Squarehead88: sure u are
Charlie: sorry jesse, but too many people found out, so i have no choice
Squarehead88: im beggin u
Charlie: i know u are but sorry boy
Charlie: praise me
Squarehead88: i praise u
Squarehead88: what if i dont say ne thing bad or mean to or about u for the whole rest of the week
Charlie: i could care less
Charlie: just use this as a lesson for the future…it’ll keep you sharp and smart….dont you love blackmail?!….still be friends?
Squarehead88: yea were still freinds
Squarehead88: what can i do to not have u show it
Charlie: ur rick right?
Squarehead88: rick??
Charlie: look at it this way: what is so bad about what you said except that youd suck ur sister or whatever
Charlie: i meant rich
Squarehead88: i never said that part of it
Squarehead88: someone else put that in
Charlie: i’m not manipulating…just copying
Charlie: no…
Squarehead88: yea
Squarehead88: ok well i g2g so ill see u tommorow
Charlie: now jesse
Charlie: you know what i can do
Squarehead88: dont send it out till tommorow
Squarehead88 signed off at 9:40:44 PM.