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Figures of the past make for a nostalgic Milwaukee weekend

It's been an interesting week, personally at least. I began the week hanging out for the first time in years with the person I most closely associate with someone I closely associate with the guy with whom I ended my week discussing the past. That makes little sense now, but give me a few pages. DSC_1769.JPG

What a precious Sunday



Well, as I was writing, before I restarted my computer and neglected to save, this has been a pretty good weekend. And I mean weekend to include the end of the "work week" as well. Where to begin...

A wonderful Fourth of July

Ryan, Dan and I picked up Jon and Steven, and then we drove to the beautiful Angela's home. The journey involved a maze of lovely trees and streets, and everything was so peaceful. Somewhere near Madison's east side, though I was a bit confused where I was. Here's a rough compilation of random events from the party, but beware: The video is about 24 minutes. Obviously I only intended my closer friends to watch it in full...

Milwaukee fireworks with friends and family

I love going to Milwaukee every July 3 for the Independence Day display, and this year I brought a few friends. Typically I just go with my mom and family, but I got the best of both worlds today. Eric and Ryan had been planning to come with me, and I somewhat randomly asked Steven if he'd like to come, too, and he said "Sure." Yay!


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