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The juice and vegetable era begins

Last Tuesday, Josh made me watch a movie with him, "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead." Apparently he thought it was about steroid abuse for the sake of muscle gain or something, and it turned out to be quite a different movie. But we both loved it nonetheless. DSC_6313.JPG

Out of control

I’ve been a slight mess of late. Not unprovoked, but I could certainly stand to take a deep breath and reassess more frequently. Wednesday I was again expecting to do dinner and maybe a movie and spend the night with the guy I like. After hours of (infrequent on his part) text message exchanges, he […]

Travel ‘plans’ up in the air, like Bo’s hair

It's been another crazy week, though I didn't actually do much. The main thing, I suppose, is I've still been seeing Bo, despite another small hangup. But we'll get to that in a bit. We got a pretty big (historic, I guess) snow storm Wednesday, dumping about 20 inches of snow on Milwaukee. DSC_2291.JPG

Strange things are happening

I have been quite unproductive during the last two weeks... but I've also been hanging out with the new friend almost daily. I'll just briefly recapitulate the recent happenings, as I need to eat, shower and get ready to maybe go to Madison soon. DSC_1992.JPG

Figures of the past make for a nostalgic Milwaukee weekend

It's been an interesting week, personally at least. I began the week hanging out for the first time in years with the person I most closely associate with someone I closely associate with the guy with whom I ended my week discussing the past. That makes little sense now, but give me a few pages. DSC_1769.JPG
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