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Strange things are happening

I have been quite unproductive during the last two weeks... but I've also been hanging out with the new friend almost daily. I'll just briefly recapitulate the recent happenings, as I need to eat, shower and get ready to maybe go to Madison soon. DSC_1992.JPG

LaCage and Ma Fisher’s on a Wednesday night!

Wednesday night I did LaCage with Jim and Jake. I didn't plan to go out initially... Jake texted at 7:41 asking what I was up to, and after several semijoking suggestions he take a bus to my mom's, I started to get convinced to come out a bit after 10. Jake was bar hopping a bit with two people who live near him. I texted Jim that I think I had been convinced to go out, and I then got him to come out. He was in Hartford for plans that apparently "were a bust," so it worked out. Both Jim and I got to LaCage around the same time a little before midnight. DSC_1834b.jpg

Figures of the past make for a nostalgic Milwaukee weekend

It's been an interesting week, personally at least. I began the week hanging out for the first time in years with the person I most closely associate with someone I closely associate with the guy with whom I ended my week discussing the past. That makes little sense now, but give me a few pages. DSC_1769.JPG
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