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Who made me? Let’s travel 6,000 miles to find out.

DSC_4437.JPG Tuesday night I went to Palermo for my long awaited dinner plans with Juan Manuel and Roberto. I may have guilted Roberto into coming with, but I know he didn't regret it. :-) Juan picked out a place called Taco Box for me to try. It was nice, though our waitress kind of sucked. We ended up giving her exact payment for the bill with no tip, something I couldn't imagine doing in the States. I walked out quickly without looking back. :-( DSC_4493.JPG

Out of control

I’ve been a slight mess of late. Not unprovoked, but I could certainly stand to take a deep breath and reassess more frequently. Wednesday I was again expecting to do dinner and maybe a movie and spend the night with the guy I like. After hours of (infrequent on his part) text message exchanges, he […]

Travel ‘plans’ up in the air, like Bo’s hair

It's been another crazy week, though I didn't actually do much. The main thing, I suppose, is I've still been seeing Bo, despite another small hangup. But we'll get to that in a bit. We got a pretty big (historic, I guess) snow storm Wednesday, dumping about 20 inches of snow on Milwaukee. DSC_2291.JPG

Strange things are happening

I have been quite unproductive during the last two weeks... but I've also been hanging out with the new friend almost daily. I'll just briefly recapitulate the recent happenings, as I need to eat, shower and get ready to maybe go to Madison soon. DSC_1992.JPG

A Chicago weekend sans drama? What!?

I had another great weekend in Chicago! Last Thursday evening I took a Greyhound from Milwaukee, which cost $21.12. The trip was smooth and the bus fairly empty. Once there, I took the No. 8 bus from West Harrison Street up Halsted Street to Boystown. It was my first time on a city bus other than in Madison, and the first time I paid cash on a bus. I admit I was a bit worried I would look stupid trying to figure out where to put the money, though at least I looked up ahead of time how much to pay! Brock took this one
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