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“Desktop” version of Picasa Uploader for Facebook released

I started using Google's Picasa to manage my photos probably two years ago when I learned of its awesome facial recognition feature to largely automate tagging people. Then when I discovered Alan Lundeen's plugin to automate uploading to Facebook, life was blissful. Fullscreen capture 7212011 120915 AM.jpg

Gmail at capacity!

Upon logging into Gmail today, I was greeted with this friendly message:
You are almost out of space for your Gmail account. You can view our tips on reducing your email storage or purchase additional storage.
And then at the bottom I noticed:
You are currently using 7111 MB (95%) of your 7425 MB.
Apparently 20 gigabytes of storage is $5 per year, so I just bought that. It says it'll be a day before it shows up. We shall see!
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