“Desktop” version of Picasa Uploader for Facebook released

I started using Google's Picasa to manage my photos probably two years ago when I learned of its awesome facial recognition feature to largely automate tagging people. Then when I discovered Alan Lundeen's plugin to automate uploading to Facebook, life was blissful. Fullscreen capture 7212011 120915 AM.jpg

Bank website password inconsistencies drive me insane

Recently I decided to switch to a much longer base password, and also make the formula more complicated. Taking after a friend, Erik, I started documenting the password restrictions for many of the websites I use. I was glad to see my new password formula would work for most of my frequented websites, but unfortunately I'll need to modify it for five of the websites. And of course, these five websites are all banks! Leave it to the banking industry to disallow secure passwords! Fullscreen capture 7212011 121559 AM.jpg

AutoLink Movable Type plugin clogged database repair

I don't remember now exactly what the problem was, but at some point I discovered the AutoLink plugin was failing in Movable Type 5.01, filling the database with log entries till it grew many gigabytes.

Gmail at capacity!

Upon logging into Gmail today, I was greeted with this friendly message:
You are almost out of space for your Gmail account. You can view our tips on reducing your email storage or purchase additional storage.
And then at the bottom I noticed:
You are currently using 7111 MB (95%) of your 7425 MB.
Apparently 20 gigabytes of storage is $5 per year, so I just bought that. It says it'll be a day before it shows up. We shall see!

What I like and hate about the Palm Pre


I replaced my Samsung Instinct yesterday with the Palm Pre, and what a frustrating day it's been!

The first thing I did when I got the Pre was enter my login information for Gmail, Facebook and AIM. I had no idea what that would do... but I soon found out when I checked my contacts list.

My last two phones, the Sanyo Katana and the Samsung Instinct, supported Sprint's "Wireless Backup" or "Mobile Sync," which basically stored the phonebook on Sprint's website and synced it to the phone intermittently. I assumed the Pre supported the same service, but it does not. So, when I checked my contacts, I was shocked to see about 3,000 entries, mostly people I don't know! And furthermore, none of my phone numbers from the Instinct were automatically transferred since the Pre doesn't do Mobile Sync the same way... That was a problem!

Samsung Instinct automatically deletes old texts

...and I hate it. If I have 80 percent of my internal memory remaining, and more than 7GB on my MicroSD card remaining, why do we need to be deleting my messages?
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