Secret Personal Journal

Secret Personal Journal Entry #13

I meant to continue the last entry earlier. Now I have spoken to Ryan Ge., and my thoughts about what I was going to write before, but didn’t get a chance to, have changed. I was going to talk about how I doubted he cared any more about me and being gay, because he met […]

Homecoming and dancing troubles

I’ve apparently been slacking off in writing in this journal again… I’m rather sad and angry. First of all, I am still not done with the Unique Party Goods or the Balloon Catalog at the store. I did finish the birthday balloons, which is most important, and almost all of the Unique is stocked. I […]

My divorce poem

I talked to Ryan today for like four or five hours total. Here is the script: [NOTE: it was deleted..oops] So I won’t be including the full scripts between us any more, but I felt it was important to get the details when understanding how it got started. I will however continue to report on […]

My new friend Ryan Ge.

I lot has happened. This past week was extremely busy for my family. I had a lot of homework including notes on a chapter in Western Civilization, a five page speech, and a Biology project. I worked every night except Wednesday because I had to go to CCD. At the store I am working on […]

No time for secret journals today

It’s late already and I am very behind on lots of homework and other stuff. No time to write in the journal today.
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