Some fear its truth.
Some fear its fiction.
It's a fact. It's a lie.
Now I'm caught in the friction.

Though unfair to spread rumors,
Unfairer still to take to heart,
That which is said,
Solely to tear us apart.

Who are we to judge?

It just occurred to me that I haven’t written in this for a while. I am very, very sorry about this. Since last time I’ve written, I finished the classroom portion of Driver’s Ed. I got a 99 out of 100 on the final test, so I passed. Sarah Gomez is no longer with Carlos. […]

These feelings overwhelm me

I completely forgot to write yesterday. I tried to get some reading done before I went to work at 5 yesterday, but I didn’t accomplish much. What’s new? The jackpot for the Wisconsin Lottery’s Powerball was 140 million. I bought 4 tickets, and didn’t win anything. I am happy to know, however, that nobody else […]

It all might just pass me by

I need inspiration. I feel like I might very well be inspired, but when I try to draw from that inspiration and create poetry, it fails to impress my peers. Perhaps I should instead channel that energy into art, for visually I am inclined, and fear of acceptance and appreciation is not dependent on other […]

My divorce poem

I talked to Ryan today for like four or five hours total. Here is the script: [NOTE: it was deleted..oops] So I won’t be including the full scripts between us any more, but I felt it was important to get the details when understanding how it got started. I will however continue to report on […]
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