Now I know why everyone loves Halloween in Madison…
I apologize that this is going to sound very much like a simple timeline-style list of events, but there was no way I would remember what happened had I not begun by constructing a timeline, with Justin V’s assistance.
Friday Night
Friday evening began rather uneventfully. Travis Bjorklund was home when Dion W came over from work. I took a shower, and Travis and Dion talked and played games. As usual, I was a bit suspect of how friendly Travis seems to be around Dion, but I tried to get over it. Travis is going out with Chris Schroeder anyway, so theoretically there’s no threat… so I’ll try to stop obsessing over that situation any longer.
Anyway, my good friend Nick Sanborn had been planning to spend Halloween weekend in Madison for several weeks. I told him he was welcome to spend the night at my apartment, and that he could bring a friend or whatever too. So, he arrived after dark in his Mazda Miata (I’m bad with cars… forgive me) convertible. It was rather spiffy – he recently bought it for about four grand.
Dion, Nick and I watched the first episode of Dead Like Me, because one or both of them hadn’t seen the show yet! I absolutely love Dead Like Me and its cynical, yet inspirational and jovial, view on human mortality. I think it’s a tragedy that Showtime cut the show after two excellent seasons, but I also love the new Showtime series as well. How conflictive!
Toward the end of the episode, I began to put on my pirate costume, which I purchased on eBay a week ago. I was rather disappointed that my pirate hat was more of a foam triangle with a hole in the middle, but I dealt with it. Nick then left to join up with his friends, and Dion and I sought food and drink. As we were perusing State Street, we bumped into Jon B and Ryan Maerz. After inquiring what they were up to and learning they were simply strolling around, the four of us went to Potbelly to get food. It was about 10:30 p.m. when Justin V called me, stating that he was returning from a party and he wanted to see my costume. I told him where we were, and he arrived shortly after. A little chit chat and discussion of Jon, Ryan and Dion’s lack of costumes, and we were ready to depart. Jon and Ryan returned to Jon and Justin’s house to finish watching V for Vendetta, and Dion, Justin and I went to my apartment.
Upon arriving, we discovered Nick and several girls sitting outside my door! Nick and Dion talked outside a bit while Justin and I went inside. I went on a cleaning spree as Justin tried to calm me down, but I had to make the apartment presentable, especially because Nick had guests whom I didn’t know. I finished up, and everyone came inside and mingled. The girls all attend Madison, but know Nick from Shorewood High School. Oh, Nick introduced everybody, so I learned their names! They are Becca Sweeny, Megan Kaminsky and Kate Guadagnino.
After a while, Dion decided to stay with Nick and the girls at my apartment instead of going out with Justin and I. We were going to make an appearance at a party hosted by the girls who live downstairs from Jon and Justin. According to Justin, the drinks were bad, which is why Dion wanted to stay at my place. Justin and I then left and looked for his sister, who was apparently on State Street at the time. We walked up and down, and I took some pictures, but our search for Ashley V was unsuccessful. We went back to my place, and Dion announced that he is going to Janesville in the morning instead of hanging out with us on Saturday. I was a little saddened, but not as much as I probably made it seem.
So, Justin and I walked Dion to his dorm, and then we went to Asian Kitchen before going to his and Jon’s house. We played some Super Monkey Ball, and then watched an adorable German movie called Guys and Balls. Even though it was now light outside, Justin walked me home, and I retired for the morning/early afternoon.
Saturday Night
This year, Madison officials decided to regulate Freakfest on State Street by requiring party-goers and costume observers to purchase tickets for $5 if they wished to be on the street after 7:30 p.m. For this reason, Taylor Hughes decided to begin his Halloween party at seven, since he lives on State Street.
Before going there, I went to Justin and Jon’s house around seven. We took some pictures in costume, because Jon actually dressed up! He was wearing a flower headband and had a magic wand, for he was a flower-fairy, or as he would later tell Alec Luhn, “I’m anything you want me to be.” Anyway, Justin and I managed to convince Jon to come with us to Taylor’s for a while. I decided to bring my Nikon D200 after weighing the possibility that a raging mob might destroy it. I am very glad that I brought it though.
At Taylor’s, not very many people were quick to arrive. Ryan Swan was there, however, and he was Death. Carolyn Smith was a Care Bear, until she changed into something else. Taylor played the part of his inner-child, the “emo” kid. Bryan Faust, on of the photographers, came dressed as Donald Duck, accompanied by his sister and her friend, who were dressed as bad cops. Bassey Etim was a blind referee, and Emily Friedman was a pink ballerina or something. As more people arrived, the party became more eventful. Flip-cup was the game of choice. I didn’t suck at it either. Oh, and a little before that, Carolyn taught me how to procure beverage from a large, metal, pressurized can with a pump.
After two hours, Jon, Justin and I left the party. We walked up and down State Street observing the crowd, and we encountered some anti-gay protesters. It was a scary man with his two children who were holding large signs. I took quite a few pictures, and then Jon photographed Justin and I kissing next to the religious extremist. After receiving a bit of positive feedback from passers by, we decided to move on. Before leaving, though, I had to give the man a big, firm hug. He responded by rather violently swinging his arms around. If I hadn’t been gripping my camera very tightly, it would surely have been broken. After that, we all kept walking around, and when we passed by the protester again, the police were forcing him to pack up and leave! People in the crowd spotted Justin and I and told us to “Do it again!” One person asked me if my camera was alright! Aw.
After some more costume-watching, the three of us went back to their apartment. Justin and I then embarked on a journey to see Chong Lor, Matt Underwood, and others at a party located near Vilas. We got a bit lost, and realized we walked many blocks too far, but we eventually arrived safely. Everybody who was there was from Oshkosh! It was interesting to see the people that Justin had previously been surrounded by before coming to Madison. We hung out there until midnight or so, when everybody had left except for Chong, Matt and Michael Dobish. We had an interesting discussion with Mike about his philosophies on government, voting, marriage, abortion, and other issues. I do not hesitate to say that he is probably the only person who agrees with himself. Anyway, Justin and I left to check up on his sister, Ashley, because she called and sounded somewhat smashed.
We arrived at her apartment less than an hour after she called, but nobody answered the door. Justin tried calling her, but she did not answer, so we went to his house. Brock J, Jessica Rees, and Justin Peterson were there, along with Jon. We talked for a while, and then Brock and Jessica decided they should go home. We tried to arrange for a Saferide cab, but with the Halloween crowds, they would have had to walk to some obscure pick-up location and wait thirty minutes. We all decided to walk up to State Street. Brock and Jessica went to Memorial Union to catch a bus, and Justin Peterson went to a friend’s apartment with Justin V, Jon and I. There were many people, most of whom were dressed as the opposite sex, and it was rather interesting. After a few minutes, Justin V, Jon and I left.
We ended up at my apartment to discover about 20 people in my living space! This took my by surprise, but it turned out that they were all friends with Nick. Some were from Milwaukee, but most attend Madison. I walked in to discover the floor was very sticky, four people were sleeping on the couch, Travis and Chris were in the bedroom, and several people were in the bathroom. After a bit of freakishly rushing around, discussing the situation with Nick, Justin and Jon, I heard a glass break. It was one of my cute blue glasses, and that made me sad. After a while, people began to leave. Most of them walked together, so the apartment emptied out rather quickly. The only people left were Kate Guadagnino, Megan Kaminsky, Becca Sweeny, Travis, Chris Schroeder, Nick, Jon, Justin and I. Kate and Megan were taking care of Becca in the bathroom. I decided to sleep at Justin and Jon’s house so Nick and Becca could sleep on my couch, since Becca was not in a condition to go home. So Justin, Jon and I left.
Jon went directly home, but Justin and I made a stop at Silvermine Subs. One thing I noticed since having been a regular at Subway in Menomonee Falls is that nowhere makes subs as well as Subway in the Falls. All other subs I’ve tried are quite small and unfulfilling. Go Subway! Anyway, I ordered a sandwich and refilled my soda for 50 cents, and Justin got a meal. We then went to his house, ate, played some Super Monkey Ball, and watched The Fifth Element.
And that concludes my first Madison Halloween!