Current mood: discontent
Today was: I fell asleep last night before I did my homework. As a result, I didn’t set my alarm — so I woke with just enough time to shower and run out the door. Then, I couldn’t get in my car because in my stupidity, I left the keys in the car, and then ended up locking the door last night trying to get the interior lights to turn off. I didn’t realize I just locked the keys into my car.
Anyway, I had to drive my mom’s van to school. That’s pretty cool — not. School went pretty well… except I didn’t have my homework done. It was alright though, because I had work to look forward to, and then one of Jordan’s somewhat often visits. He said he’d pay me back today, but I don’t care. He seems to need the money…or maybe not. He bought shoes after all. Lol. I’m totally not trying to be a complainer — I guess my days are quite a bit better knowing I’ll see him later, or that he’ll call when he says he will…
It doesn’t matter — I kind of wish he would stop saying he’ll visit or call, so that I can’t be disappointed when he doesn’t, and he won’t have to feel so bad, if he feels bad.
On a better note, I saw Dyan H — she seems to make me happier, but I don’t know why. I’m not trying to steal Jordan’s friends — but Dyan’s neat.
I really want to see Constant Gardener. If anyone wants to see it, tell me!
I’m going to Mayfair on Monday. I was going with Eryn K… and Jordan said he’d come with to get a backpack… so basically, since I’m going alone now, if anyone wants to go, tell me!
Oh, wait, this is not a public entry — so never mind I guess.