Through means I am not at liberty to elaborate on, I had the opportunity to meet the sensational new comedian of Comedy Central, Wanda Sykes, the one and only. She had a show at The Riverside in Milwaukee in October, 2004, and her manager granted me a complimentary ticket to the show, and a backstage pass. About six people got to go backstage to meet Wanda, take a picture with her, get an autograph, and chat with the star. How special I am.
Her show was absolutely hysterical, and she even took a few cracks at President Bush’s proposed constitutional amendment to ban me from equal taxation and equal treatment under the law. Go Wanda! In back after the show, I was surprised to see how short Ms. Sykes really is. She looks much bigger on television. Her mannerisms and personality was very accommodating, which pleased me – especially since she can be so cruel on her show “Wanda Does It.”
That was fun, and a few weeks later I got to do it again. This time the star was Mr. Bill Cosby. He had a gig in Appleton, Wisconsin in November. I got free front-section tickets, and was granted a meet-‘n’-greet. This time the person I went with and I were the only ones who got to go backstage. How exciting! We enjoyed the show, but there were several awkward moments. Mr. Cosby’s age was beginning to show, because several times he lost his train of thought. He involved the audience more, because of this, which added a feeling of specialization and importance to this audience. He even laid down on the edge of the stage and had a three-minute conversation with a lady about her husband. Very entertaining!
After the show, Mr. Cosby’s manager specially sought us out. He escorted us through the crowd, ignoring an emotional mother’s plea to let her daughter meet Mr. Cosby since it was her birthday. Nothing in the world makes me feel more like royalty than that. He led us through strange hallways and password-protected doors, until we reached a small white room with a couch and a cornucopia of appetizers. Mr. Cosby greeted us by name, and he was very pleasant. He creates a casual atmosphere, and makes you feel very comfortable – and privileged. Right away, he autographed two Fat Albert t-shirts and gave one to each of us. That was very nice of him! He talked with us for ten or fifteen minutes, asking about what we planned to do in the future, and what he planned to do as well. (My lips are sealed!) Since his last show ran 45 minutes over, it was approaching the time to begin the second and final show of the evening, so we decided to leave – feeling more complete.