Right now I am sitting the mom’s van driving home from Six Flags Great America. The park was closed to the public today, because Chrysler was having a private event for their cars’ owners. My mom got tickets for her, my step dad, Tim, Maggie, Selena, Christina, Ricky Boy, and me. Ben was supposed to come, but as we were leaving, mom told him to throw some trash away that was in the car, and he refused, and said he didn’t want to go. The temperature is 54 degrees, and it was very windy for most of the day. It drizzled a short while, but it was dry for the most part. I rode Superman, the rollercoaster, and it was pretty darn fun. You had to trust the rubber strap across your chest to hold you in, because if it broke, you would fall to your death. Yippee.

It wasn’t a great day for me as far as meeting guys goes – there were only a few guys I managed to make eye contact with who weren’t with a girl already, but nothing more happened. Oh well -

Speaking of, lately in Biology I’ve been, um, touching someone. I know that sounds weird – let me explain. I sit in the front row, on the left corner. Behind me sits Ben B. He is not bad looking, with a bit of a goatee, and a bit taller than me. Anyway, near the beginning of school, I sat up, and in doing so, I felt his knee on my butt. He moved it, but I realized his legs were awfully close to mine. So now I spend most of the class with my hands behind my back, so my elbows touch his legs. I am having a heck of a time deciding if he is gay or not. He has to have been noticing me touching him these past weeks, but he’s never mentioned it to me or anyone as far as I can tell. Occasionally, if I move back in an obvious way, so there is more pressure on his legs from my elbows, he’ll move back. Rarely does he move back far enough for me not to be able to reach him with my elbows. He seems to tolerate it, but never reacts in a good or a bad way. Time will tell I guess.

I still don’t know if I am going to Homecoming on Saturday, September 11, 2003. I wanted to go with Heather M, as friends, but she’s been acting really odd and I get the feeling she is not going to go with me. She has been stating that she is going to homecoming with a hundred million different guys when I’ve talked to her at lunch, but she is never serious about it. The other night, I got her to agree to go with me as friends, but the next day she tells me she’s not going. I don’t know about her.
Well now we are at a gas station, and my mom is getting me some Coke. I am so thirsty. I’ll write more later on.