Rednec9824 is Chris O’s screen name, but apparently this is Brian K talking:
Charlie: hey
Charlie: ru there
Charlie: i just installed hot date
Charlie: and i remeber how to avoid inserting the house party cd
Rednec9824: hey faggot
Charlie: hey?
Charlie: what the heck happened to you?
Rednec9824: dis is Brian
Charlie: you lookin at porn on chris’s computer again???
Rednec9824: Chris is down stairs
Rednec9824: what in the fuck\ are you talking aboout
Charlie: nothing
Charlie: what’s up
Rednec9824: no you are damn right
Charlie: what the hell
Charlie: what are you talking about
Charlie: what am i right about>
Charlie: ?
Rednec9824: I really don’t know I really can’t teell what the hell is going on!
Charlie: do you know who i a,m?
Rednec9824: Charlie
Rednec9824: right
Charlie: yeah
Charlie: this is brian?
Rednec9824: ya
Charlie: the brian that thinks jacking off is weird?
Rednec9824: what ever
Charlie: whatever?
Charlie: lol
Charlie: whatever
Rednec9824: laugh
Rednec9824: lol
Charlie: try lol
Charlie: lol
Rednec9824: YA DUBM ASS
Charlie: your dubm
Rednec9824: so what the fuck are you doing
Rednec9824: ?
Charlie: surfing
Charlie: pirating games
Rednec9824: (might have drank to much)
Rednec9824: evry thing is spinning
Charlie: the usual
Rednec9824: really
Charlie: u drinking beer again?
Rednec9824: WHAT
Charlie: HUH
Charlie: geez
Charlie: you must not chat online much
Charlie: hehe
Charlie: something is wrong with brian
Charlie: brian/chriso, whoever it is
Charlie: i know everything brian
Charlie: everyone tells me everything
Charlie: duh
Rednec9824: like who
Charlie: ur really not “in it”
Charlie: everyone
Charlie: now i g2 talk to chris
Charlie: go get him
Rednec9824: like who
Charlie: get him now@!
Rednec9824: like whpo
Charlie: whpo urself!
Charlie: go get chris
Rednec9824: tell me or I will kick your ass, and you know I fucking will
Charlie: yeah sure brian
Charlie: you’ll kick my ass
Rednec9824: hell ya
Charlie: i’m bigger and taller and stronger than you
Rednec9824: fuck No
Charlie: fuck Yea
Rednec9824: your a little pussy
Charlie: sure brian
Charlie: ur a bit messed
Rednec9824: no Im just kidding so hows agoing in your life
Charlie: this is chris or brian?
Charlie: it’s april fools day so i trust no one
Rednec9824: Brian’
Charlie: well technically it aint april 1st any more
Charlie: ANYWAY
Charlie: is chris awake?
Rednec9824: Ya i forgot and Chris O told me to late so I coulden’t think of anything to do
Rednec9824: Don’t worry little chris is asleep right now and I am thinking of someting that i could do
Charlie: did you find where he keeps his gay porn?
Rednec9824: to him that would be very fucking funnyt
Rednec9824: no
Rednec9824: I know that he has it some place
Rednec9824: !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Charlie: what?!
Rednec9824: jk
Charlie: whatever
Rednec9824: how old are you now?
Charlie: 13 till june 2
Rednec9824: holy shit you are young
Charlie: and i am bigger than you and stronger than you and i can kick your ass
Rednec9824: !
Rednec9824: lol
Rednec9824: I,m going to be 15 on April 28
Charlie: heh
Charlie: and you are only in eigth grade?
Charlie: HAHAHAH
Charlie: j/k
Charlie: (wouldn’t wanna hurt poor little brian’s feelings)
Rednec9824: ya but when will you be able to drive?
Rednec9824: Ill be able end of my Freshmen year
Charlie: when i’m 16……
Charlie: you may be legally able to drive by the end of your freshman year…..
Charlie: but you deffinately won’t be mentally able
Charlie: hehe
Charlie: you got as real girlfriend?
Rednec9824: what
Charlie: or just a slutty woman that follows you around sucking ur cock
Charlie: i, am girlfriendless
Charlie: hehe
Rednec9824: really
Charlie: yeah
Charlie: you think i have time for a “grilfriend”
Charlie: i work and watch siblings
Rednec9824: i don;t have a girl friend right now but i might bythe end of spring break
Charlie: who cares anyway
Rednec9824: but i always have my cock sucking bitches!
Rednec9824: lol
Charlie: what cock
Charlie: that little 2cm cork between ur legs?
Rednec9824: ya shut up
Charlie: sorry to embarras you small cock
Rednec9824: ask you r mom she will tell you
Rednec9824: or you can ask youre sister
Charlie: ask who what/
Charlie: what size shoe do you wear?
Charlie: 3?
Charlie: 4?
Rednec9824: lol
Rednec9824: LIKE A 15
Charlie: no way
Charlie: i wear 14
Charlie: and my feet are bigger than yours
Charlie: seriously
Charlie: what size you wear
Charlie: 9?
Charlie: 10?
Charlie: you there?
Rednec9824: BRB
Charlie: you need to get instant messenger at your house
Charlie: k
Rednec9824: YA I KNOW
Rednec9824: BRB
Charlie: back yet?
Charlie: ?
Charlie: brain?
Charlie: chris?
Charlie: i’m getting lonely..
Charlie: getting sad…
Charlie: no friends…
Charlie: BRAIN
Charlie: BRIAN
Charlie: i am getting tired
Charlie: going to leave now…