Summer Vacation

“Are we there yet,” I mumbled, bored and excited about going to Michigan.

“Nope. Three more hours!” Said Mr. Herro, the driver.

“Great…” I replied. We were on our way to Mark’s Uncle’s land in Michigan. There weren’t many people coming this time. Mark and I were the only scouts from our patrol that were coming.

Mr. Herro had plans of activities to do along the lines of rank advancement. The only thing we did was swimming tests for those who were not First-Class yet. It was mostly the current sixth graders. They had to swim from shore around the raft and back, and float on their backs and do certain stokes, etcetera. Mark and I were appointed “Lifeguards.” How nice. We both thought it was boring, and it was. Every time “they” wanted to take a swim, Mark and I had to get ready and swim out. Then we had to put up with J.B., Justin, Zach and Tavian’s skinny-dipping and flashy underwater summersaults.

I just left my suit on the whole trip. It was only four days.

We only did a few things on the whole trip. We were not allowed to go off into the woods or anything because we saw a bear near camp. We spent a lot of time fishing, although nobody caught anything really huge. We went blueberry picking, too. Before we came, “Uncle Bill” said there were tons of huge berries, but when we got there, there was not much of anything anywhere. Ohh well. We also cooked our own meals, and they weren’t that bad. That is basically all that we did.

The End!