Cause-effect letter

Dear Mr. Chavonic,

Can you imagine being a student at some school…a school that was always so scorching in the summer that you need a drink every five minutes else you would dehydrate? So sizzling all you can think about is how long it will be until you can go home? So blisteringly hot you would wish there was no dress code…? Sometimes you would wish you could just jump into a chilly, arctic, freezing, icy, frosty, bitter cold pool filled with ice-cold water that is negative one million degrees! Well there is a school like that. St. Hubert School.

Okay… maybe I was exaggerating a bit, but the point is… We need air conditioning! In the summer it can get pretty warm in the school. The cooling system is not sufficient enough to keep the building cool. Because of this, students must be excused to get drinks from the bubbler much more often than necessary. Sometimes the heat can affect our heads, literally. It is hard to concentrate when enduring the heat and humidity. Many students get headaches more often in the peak heat hours.

There is a general discomfort when it is very humid. Most of the male students even sweat just by sitting. That can lead to embarrassing bodily odors and such, too. Everyone becomes irritable and restless in the heaviness and mugginess of the damp air.

If we had air conditioning, the student body would be much more focused and alert. We would take in more out of the lessons, and we would probably improve on tests and earn superior scores. Please consider the possibility of purchasing an air conditioning system.


Charlie Gorichanaz